Yashua is The Real Name of Our Savior

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Yahshua: A Name Given in Hebrew to a Hebrew

                Because there is no J sound in the Hebrew, the prefix “Je” does not exist in Hebrew. The combination word “Jesus” is not Greek, It’s not Hebrew. In fact, it is completely without philological meaning in any language. Yet, Gabriel told Mary and Joseph that the Messiah’s name, being given from the very highest authority in the heavens, was special. It had a specific connotation, a precise and very important meaning. The angel said he would be given this name because “He shall save his people from their sins.” Scholars acknowledge that the name given through Gabriel was the Hebrew Yahshua. “Yahshua” means “Yahweh is salvation.

                It must noted that whenever a message was given from on high, it was to those who understood Hebrew, which is called by some the “heavenly language.” Thus, when the angel told Joseph, a Jew, that the Savior would be born of Mary, a Jewess, that he was to call the baby a specific name, this name would hardly have been a Latin-Greek name as Jesus! How his name came to us as Jesus in our English bible such as King James instead of Yahshua is interesting.

                By the time of Yahshua’s birth, the accepted from among the Jews was not Yahoshua, but the shortened form Yahshua. In the old testament this name is spelled Joshua and is found in Numbers 13:16 of the King James text where Moses changed the name of the Israelite general from Oshea(or Hoshea) to Yahshua. That is, from salvation or savior to “Salvation of Yah”.

                We are not free to reject the name Yahshua, the very name sent directly from Yahweh through the archangel Gabriel. Nor are we absolved to call him by the man-made, Greco-Latin Jesus.

                We trust you will prayerfully act on this vital truth and prove to yourself that his true name  as given to mankind from the highest authority in the universe is Yahshua. “Yah’s salvation.” Realize that when you call on the name Yahshua you are invoking the Father’s name as well, and petitioning the only one who can give salvation.


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