Battle of The Firefly And Apes

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                One evening, a firefly went to visit a friend. As he flew quietly along, carrying his little lamp and minding his own affairs, he met an ape.

                Said an ape, “Ho, ho, Mr. Firefly, why do you always carry alight?”

                “I carry a light so that I can see the mosquitoes and keep out of their way,” answered the firefly.

                Keep out of the way of the mosquitoes!” cried the ape. “You are coward! You’re afraid of the mosquitoes!” said the firefly. “I go my way and mind my own affairs, and I leave the mosquitoes alone to go their way.”

                But the ape insisted that the firefly was afraid, and the next day, he told all his ape friends that the firefly carried a lamp because he is a coward. All the apes laughed.

                Soon, the firefly heard what Mr. Ape had said and how all the apes were laughing at him. He resolved to teach them a lesson. He hurried off at once to Mr. Ape’s house and, finding him asleep, flashed his lamp in his face and woke him.

                “Why did you tell everyone that I was a coward?” he demanded. “Tomorrow, come to the plaza and there, in the sight of everyone, we will prove whether I am coward!” “Ho, ho, ho!” laughed the ape, “so you are offering to fight with me? Well, who are you going to bring to help you to fight against such a powerful creature as I am?”

                “I shall come alone,” said the firefly.

                “Come alone,” That’s good! I shall bring a whole company of apes- each one as big as myself! Then we shall see what will happen to you if you dare to come alone!”

                Then Mr. Ape ordered each of his friends to get a great club meet him on the plaza. They all came in a crowd, but found one small firefly waiting there alone. Mr. Ape drew his company up in line and put himself at their head, and then he fiercely gave the order to go forward against the firefly.

                The firefly swiftly flew over and lit on the great ape’s nose. The ape, who stood next in line, struck savagely at the firefly, but the firefly darted nimbly out of reached, so the club missed him altogether and fell square on the great ape’s nose! Flat fell Mr. Ape to the ground!

                Then the firefly hurried to the second ape’s nose. The third ape struck at his foe, but the firefly dodged out of the way just as he had done before and the blow fell square on the second ape’s nose! He, too, fell flat on the ground.

                So it went on, all down the line of apes. Each ape aimed his club at the firefly on his neighbor’s nose; each ape missed the firefly and knocked his neighbor flat. Over they bowled, one after another, just like a row of nine-pins.

                At last the firefly was left victorious over every one of his fallen foes! “Who now can say that the firefly is a coward?” he cried.

                The apes cowered, shamefaced, on the round with never a word to say. The firefly flew quietly away, to mind his own affairs as before.


                A large beast was making fun of a tiny insect.


                It’s not the size but what’s in the head that counts.


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