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Yahweh: The Most Sacred of All Names

Yahweh’s name is high on a level all its own. No name is more important than the personal name of the one we worship. Not only is this true because names have great significance in Hebrew, but also because Yahweh himself tells us to revere his name and not to bring it to obscurity through substitution and disuse, Exodus 20:7. The word vain in the third commandment- “Thou shall not take the Name of Yahweh thy Elohim in vain”- is the Hebrew shoaw, meaning to rush over, bring to devastation, uselessness, ruin and by implication, neglect.

We can bring his name to ruin by falsifying it. If you remove an author’s name from the books he wrote and reprint them with another name in them you falsify his works. The name is true when translators take his name from the scriptures and insert generic titles in its place.

How can we presume to call upon Yahweh and his son Yahshua with titles like “god” and “lord” that are used in the worship of other deities? Elijah (Eliyah, “ my El is Yah”) was calling the people’s attention to the same issue in 1king 18- demonstrating that the true heavenly father has a personal name and that they in their ignorance were calling on titles of baal. Baal was the chief “deity” of the Canaanites.

Yahweh’s name is so central to salvation that the Savior’s Name bears it as well. He is the son, and the salvation Yahweh sent. You could say Yah is the family name of the heavenly majesty.

In fact, the name Yahweh appears 6,823 times in the old testaments Hebrew Scriptures, from which we ultimately derive all versions of the old testaments. It should have appeared 100 times in the New Testament. But rarely does one hear the name used or even mentioned in churches that supposedly honor those same scriptures………


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