Stay Clear of These Ab Exercise Myths

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Ok so there are two HUGE myths that many people are falling into believing on a day-to-day basis and honestly I have to clarify what they are in order to save you alot of stress and disappointment.

So these myths have to do with getting rid of that fat around their abdominal area, which is what EVERYBODY is looking to do.

People are so vulnerable to these fake “truths” and I’m here to make sure you DON’T fall for these myths before they completely fall into these lies.

Now, these two myths are definitely not true and you need to be able to determine abdominal truths from lies or “myths,” which is what I’ve had to do my whole amount of time looking for the TRUTH about obtaining chiseled, ripped abdominals.

The first myth, or supposed “solutions” to this problem that many people fall into is that, the best way to reveal those abs under that fat is with properly executed aerobic exercise combined with some strength training.

This myth proposes you just get your heart and breathing rate cranked up for about 20 or 30 minutes, get some strength training and abdominal exercises in, and you’ll not only be rid of that stomach flab forever, but you’ll get those ripped, chiseled abs you’ve always dreamed of.

Well, I am here to tell you this “solution” is just a myth and is not true.

Many fitness trainers and experts are telling countless people that they will lose that flab around their stomach, just by executing the given ab and aerobic exercises the correct way.

However, many people have tried this proposed solution, and few people have been given the results that are promised.This myth also proposes that just by performing aerobic exercises combined with strength training about 3 to 5 days each week, you will slowly be rid of that flab around your stomach for good.

Many people are falling into the lie that with this “solution” they can be rid of that flab that covers their abdominals, and at the same time strengthen their core and develop chiseled abs.

However, there is so much more to getting rid of that flab and revealing those ripped abdominals. If you want to know the honest truths and REAL solutions that are NOT myths, visit the link at the bottom of the page to get the fastest abdominal results with the best ab program. The next myth proposed to by many “fitness experts” is that the abdominal muscles are designed to be somewhat rounded, and not flat.

Now hold on, I know you must be baffled right now, because you, in your own knowledge know that this is completely and totally false without me having to tell you that its false.

But there’s even more to this sad myth. Supposedly, your body type, sex, and any age related hormonal changes also affect the size and shape of your abdominals.

Now, age, body type, and sex has nothing at all to do with the shape of your abs.

Everyone’s abdominal “six pack” section is the same and there might be a tiny variation for some people, but other than that, every person’s abdominal muscles are shaped exactly the same.

Now when I see this myth throughout the internet, I just laugh and say, “Your kidding right?” And this is probably what you’re even saying to yourself right now.

You just obtain the more chiseled “real” shape as you work out your abdominals more and more.

Once you do an intense ab work out for about a month, you’ll notice your abs start to form and attain the ripped, chiseled figure that bodybuilders have.


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