Teaching Leadership Skills to Students

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“Leaders are made, not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price we all must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.”

Vince Lombardi, a national hero and former coach of the Green Bay Packers in the 1960’s made the statement denying the age old adage born leader and is not. Most people often live under the assumption that leadership is a skill that we inherit and if you do not have the trait, then you’re destined to be a follower. Well, there are few qualities that people are born with an easy charm, the ability to make people listen to them, a genuine sympathy, but more often that leadership is not something that develops over the years, learned different experiences. While you may have nascent leadership skills, if not nurtured, they can remain unused. That is why it is important to develop these skills in students. Teaching leadership skills to students is of utmost importance to make way for a generation that has all the skills and capacity necessary to govern the world.

How can you teach leadership skills

As a teacher responsible for giving their students the skills necessary to succeed in life, it is important that apart from different subjects, they also help to acquire some skills, including leadership. It is important that your child understands what makes a good leader and how to drive. It also has leadership skills often can improve self-confidence. The different activities you can get involved can simulate real life situations that can help understand other important aspects such as team building and proper planning and learning what the qualities of a good leader is. There are many different activities that can be used to teach students more about leadership skills.

Assign projects
An easy way to teach students more about the leadership is split into groups and give them different projects to work. For all students understand the concept of leadership, it is important to ensure that the project is a long term. It is important for you to assign functions to each student in the group. Ensure that these roles are moved so that at least once in the course of the project, each student wears the hat of the team leader. At the beginning of the project, provide evaluation sheets for students to judge how it performs different functions on a weekly basis. Also spread sheets that explain the different roles to students such as listening, planning, division of labor, equipment management, creative thinking and problem-solving. As the teacher, it is your responsibility to observe the group to see who works well as a leader.

Theoretical knowledge
While this may not seem like a great way to teach leadership skills, it is important that students understand what the opinion of society as leadership and how this feature. Explain to students of different leadership styles that exist. Cooperation for democratic, autocratic, bureaucratic and transformation, even, it is important that students understand what forms of leadership in the world. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each style. They form their own opinions about how the styles can be combined. Also, having a session in the class where everyone can talk about the different qualities that are essential in a leader. You can also have a day in class where each student makes a presentation about a leader who truly admire.

In a world where technology is the best friend of all, what better way can reach that by using technology and entertainment to teach leadership skills. As a class, you can sit and watch movies and various boards where leadership skills have been developed and used. Classic examples are the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter series. In both films, the protagonist has been trained to realize that people can take against the odds. Watch movies and then discussing the same thing can be a good way to explain a necessary feature for children. Alternatively, use the Internet to download several interactive games and exercises where students are forced to dig deep within themselves and use these emerging features they never knew they possessed.

These are just some of the methods that can be used to teach students more about leadership. As a teacher, you need to always emphasize the fact that without a computer, a leader would be lost, and it is important to be a good listener and follower of being a good leader. The teaching of leadership skills for students is a task that requires patience and perseverance, and also an understanding that the skills that were taught will take several years of fruit in the future.


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