Why Antibiotics Don't Work For Recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis Infections

Do you know why your suffer from recurrent bacterial vaginosis? Are you frustrated that it NEVER seems to go away permanently? Don’t fret! There are tons of women in the same boat as you. Your doctor probably prescribes you antibiotics for you bacterial vaginosis. unfortunately. when treating bacterial vaginosis. antibiotics can cause more harm then good.

Newly published studies about bacterial vaginosis show that antibiotics may hinder your healing in the long run. They do so by weakening your body’s natural defenses against bacterial vaginosis. I feel as though they are over prescribed and that you really shouldn’t take them unless it’s absolutely necessary.

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It’s easy to get dependant on antibiotics, many people take them when they aren’t needed. When you do this you contribute to bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. This happens because bacteria can start becoming resistant to antibiotics if taken too much.

When you rely on medications for recurrent bacterial vaginosis you are going to have to deal with a ton of side effects too. Antibiotics not only kill the bad bacteria in your system. but they also kill the good bacteria. Your body relies on these good bacteria for many functions such as digestion, and fighting off infection.

What happens inside your body?

The antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria. they don’t know the difference between the two. You get this bad breath because the medication kills all of the good bacteria in your intestinal tract. When this bacterium gets killed off your body cannot digest and process food correctly.

Antibiotics really throw your whole body off kilter. they mess with your natural balance.

Do you suffer from Recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis? Visit Bacterial Vaginosis Cure

If you decide that antibiotics are the best rout for you make sure you take some precautions while you are taking them and after. As I mentioned earlier a lot of your good bacteria is going to be killed off, so it would make sense to replace them. You can do this by eating a plain yogurt with no sugar added. Look for it to say something like live cultures on it. These live cultures are the good bacteria that your system needs.

The bacteria that cause recurrent bacterial vaginosis are super resilient. These bacteria often will survive a round of antibiotics. then it starts to become resistant to the treatment. Add that on top of the fact that you already killed off all your good bacteria (which can help kill off the bad bacteria) and you start to have symptoms that go away for a while. but never permanently.

You don’t need a lot of treatments for the recurrent bacterial vaginosis to start becoming resistant to medications.Even if on fails, you will probably have to take something stronger. And this cycle continues until you find something strong enough to finally knock out the infection.

So what can you do?

Your best bet in treating recurrent bacterial vaginosis is to go the natural holistic route. There are tons of effective remedies for bacterial vaginosis that are safer and more effective than antibiotics.

When you employ natural cures for recurrent bacterial vaginosis you will be surprised at how well they work, and how good you feel.

Do you suffer from Recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis? Visit Bacterial Vaginosis Cure

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