Auto Transport – Watch Gas Prices Before You Book

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Auto Transport – Watch Gas Prices Before You Book

We all know that the gas prices change almost daily; the rise in gas prices has been hitting the auto transport companies with full force. There are reports that auto transport brokers have left vehicles and customers stranded because of the sudden gas price hike. If you booked your services from the auto transport company 45 to 60 days ago, you may be one who finds out your vehicle is stranded. If you booked within the past 30 days, you should have been warned of the gas price increase. This is very important to remember when you are using any moving or shipping services.

Some of the auto transport services that are leaving customers stranded are hiding until the gas prices drop to hopefully make some profit. This is not the usual practice of the auto transport services. These companies are making a bad name for all in the industry. Be assured that there are still trustworthy companies out there that will follow through with your auto transport service at the price you signed for and in the allotted time frame.
These companies may have to bite the bullet on profit, but they are committed to customer service and they want your business again in the future. For those who are stuck with the other auto transport service, you can pursue legal action. This is not how the auto transport does business and you should be compensated.

If you see that gas prices are jumping all over the board, ask the auto transport service what their policy is in this situation before you book the service. Some of the honest auto transport companies will hold tight to their agreed price, while others may try to slip it in the contract after signing. Check all papers delivered with the car to make sure this is not happening to you. Of course, there may be legitimate delays caused by weather conditions or traffic, but you should be able to track your car from the companies GPS in the truck to know first hand if there is a problem.


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