Bristol Palin Scores Reality Show

The BIO television channel (formerly known as the Biography Channel) has scored a show that’s sure to put the little known network on the televison map.

The currently unnamed reality show will feature teen mom (and anti-teen pregnancy activist) Bristol Palin, daughter of political candidate Sarah Palin. She’ll have her life, and her son Tripp‘s life, documented as they move in with little known stars Christopher Massey and Kyle Massey. (If you’re curious, Christopher Massey was on Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101 and Kyle Massey was on Disney Channel’s That’s So Raven. Kyle Massey competed against Palin on Dancing With the Stars.) Bristol had previously played a major role in the show Sarah Palin’s Alaska, but this will be the first show that she carries on her own.

On the reality show, Bristol live in Los Angeles and will work for a California-based charity. This show promises to be unique from other shows that have starred Bristol and her family because it will provide an exclusive look into her day-to-day personal life. She plans to use this opportunity to display the difficulty of having a single parent household.

The show will air in late 2011. So far, 10 half hour episodes of the series have been ordered.

In addition, Bristol has recently signed on to participate in the writing of a book about her life being raised in Alaska and her life as the daughter of Sarah Palin, as well as the media frenzy that occurred when Sarah Palin gained whirlwind fame from her run for vice president. She’s also garnered public attention because she appears to have had recent plastic surgery.

Bristol’s not only gaining fame for her real-life efforts. She’s also going to be portrayed in an HBO television movie about John McCain’s presidential campaign entitled “Game Change”. Bristol will be played by Melissa Farman.

Is this not enough Palin drama for you? If you remember, Levi Johnston, Tripp’s baby daddy, had plans to run for the mayor of Wasilla, Alaska in a reality show. This show has yet to hit the airwaves, but it’s sure to follow quickly if Bristol’s show is a success.

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