How To Be Sucessful Writing Ebook

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Publishing Online might sound easy to you. Justs go to Pubit (Barnes and Noble) or Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon) and upload your novel. However, the time it takes you to type up 40,000 words can be time consuming. Self publishing guru Amanda Hocking stated that she spent at least six to twelve hours a day after work typing up her novels. Now after one year she is a twenty six year old millionaire. But don’t think that time alone can be the key to be a successful ebook writer. There are many novelist who published their ebooks in the hopes to make money and end up wasting their time. You really have to love what you do.

That is the simple truth in Ebook publishing. No one should expect making a living. All those websites and books that talk about their secrets to being a successful writer online is blowing gas where the sun doesn’t shine. Like a real business, consider what is necessary to sell your product. Your novel is the product and your customers are the thousands of Kindle, Nook, and other electronic reader user. First you must make sure your product is up to the standards. Many ebooks (fictional novel) consist at least 200 pages. The next important aspect of your ebook is the quality. No one likes to read a book with grammer and sentence mistakes. Even if the customer bought your first product with all those mistakes, your reputation is on the line. They will not buy your other books if they remember how horrible it was to read through your mistakes. So make sure you check your writing. There are professional editors that you can hire online, but that cost money. My advice is go to your English teacher, friend, or family to read your novel over and give their opinion about it. This is a great way to check the flow of your book and any mistakes you miss.

                    Human beings are visual creatures. The product must look great. That is why your local fast food restaurants put up lavishing pictures of fat burgers. This is what you must do for your cover art. Take your time making a colorful realistic book cover that relate to your novel. You can do this on photoshop and other art program. The width and length should be around 720×1003 Be warn that if your a novice this is not easy to do in one day. The goods however is that you can learn to use this program on sites like youtube and other how to sites. There are also professional artist you can hire if you have the budget. Just remember to check the artist skills before you hire them. You may not like the work they did and end up paying for it.

                    Now all that is left is to upload it on sites like Pubit. There is no cost. Totally free. They give you a ISBN number if you don’t have one. The only downfall is that you have to pay for copy-right. Its around $45 and you can do it

on This is to protect yourself from others from stealing your work. You do not have to do it right away. In fact you have wit

hin three months to submit it. This way you can wait a month to see how well your book is doing before you pay the $45.


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