Victim of Ancestors And Id Theft

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When you read an article about identity theft it may be difficult to comprehend what it is like to be victimized. It could have started from data theft:

  • “Customers Stay Despite High Profile Data-Breaches” by

  • “Data Breaches Up 50% Affecting Records of 35.7 Million” by Brian Krebs of the Washington

One of the most comprehensive and informative and detailed is this site Police Notebook by the University of Oklahoma Police Department to explain how id and ancestors id theft begins. Here on the site id theft or name theft is brought to light of how thieves take your valuable information, what they can do with your information and where it all begins. Why id theft occurs isn’t always financial too. What do you think of a murder or a serial killer? What if that person was arrested using your identity. What would you think of that name? Do you think that you’ll have an easy time getting employment or getting married?

When criminals use your good name while being arrested or when they’re on the run from the law if they use your name, you could get arrested because the law is looking for the culprit under the a “name” that unfortunately the culprit used your name. A colleague shared with us at our meeting about what had happened to her as she was taking a trip one day. She was detained at the airport because her name was on a terrorist watch list. She had identity theft protection plan and a proactive legal firm who has a 24/7 attorney contact number that saved her from being arrested right on the spot at the airport. It can be very disconcerting when a terrorist uses your name and you have criminal id theft. There are five commonly known types of id theft that describes.  There are many different ways online that criminals try to get your information to victimize you of id theft. One way is by a phishing expedition. Phishing expeditions are when you get an e-mail asking you for personal information that’s already known by companies, financial institutions or other trusted names added with an urgency such as “we will close your account if you don’t provide us with this information”…then suddenly on your statements you notice charges you didn’t make after you gave the bogus people information that you thought was going to the company you do business with.

  • “FTC Consumer Alert How Not To Get Hooked by a Phishing Scam” by the Federal Trade Commission.

  • has an excellent article about phishing and how to protect yourself from phishing attempts.
  • “How To Protect Your Mac From Phishing” by Dave Teare.

What if you’re a victim of id theft and ancestors id theft? What is ancestors id theft? It is theft of dead peoples identities. As eerie as it sounds thieves have no moral or ethical conduct when it comes to stealing and have been caught with using dead peoples identities.

  • “If Death and Taxes Are Inevitable So Too Is Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft” by Rate Nerd.

  • “Dead Toddler’s Identity Stolen For Tax Return” by

  • Thieves Steal Dead People’s Identities” by The Emporia Gazette.

Being victimized with ancestors id theft brings another meaning to “seeing dead people walking”. Heirs get the bulk of estates after taxes. People work hard all their lives and have wills to designate who gets what and when it is given.  We don’t want anyone stealing our estates when we’re living or dead! Life is hard enough and got harder when you’re a victim of data breaches that went to identity theft and ancestors identity theft too!

In conversation the subject doesn’t come up about being victimized of identity and ancestors identity theft does it? When you first notice that something is wrong and you suspect identity theft run don’t walk to your banks, relatives, friends, organizations you belong to including facebook or other online things, change your password often, tell all your business associates, everyone and anything that has anything to do with your life that you’re a victim of identity theft! Why? Because you’ve got to protect yourself in everyway and stay sane. Letting your family know that you’re a victim of identity theft is a precaution that is necessary for your family to secure and protect their assets too! Don’t stop till the whole world knows that you’re a victim of id theft and ancestors id theft. Be aware of what you’ll attract when dating. Once I got an e-mail from a gentleman using a dead FBI agent’s name trying to court me. (YUK)

You must take steps to protect yourself legally too! A splendid article from from an attorney lists the steps to help you if and when you’re victimized of id theft no matter how it began. The Federal Trade Commission has a site that helps victims of identity theft online they are Another great place for information to help you survive being a victim of identity theft is Privacy Rights Clearinghouse’s “Fact Sheet 17a Identity Theft What To Do If It Happens To You” at Other important articles to help you survive when you’re a victim of identity theft and ancestors identity theft: Start a network of concerned people around you to help you always. It can get very terrible when total strangers want to attack you for what someone else says and do with your name. Wearing holy amulets and having God’s armor surrounding you protects you always.

  • “Identity Theft-Victim’s Quick Check List” by Police Officer Stott Hallock.

  • “What To Do If A Victim Of Identity Theft” for students by

  • “From Victim to Victor” by Marie Frank a victim of identity theft. I found many books in the library too to help you when you’re a victim.

It feels terrible when you find out that you’ve been a victim of identity theft! Our country is helping us too. shows us how America is very active in helping stop identity theft. I found support groups for victims:

  • WJFA support group for victims of id theft.
  • Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center.

  • Identity Theft Resource Center’s solution page.

  • ID Theft Victims Support Group of North America for business owners.

  • Office For Victims of Crime “Expanding Services To Reach Victims of identity theft and fraud page.

For more information and help visit, and or crime stoppers which is online and has an 800 telephone number. Crime doesn’t pay yet we get victimized of crime. Do you want to become a Fraud Fighter? Come join the fight against fraud at AARP. Our good name is all we take to heaven, so keep it safe and keep yourself sound.  Don’t give up ever!

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