The Real Truth About Workouts For Six Pack Abs

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Are you just about ready to give up all hope for obtaining the perfect stomach, whether its a flat stomach, or those ripped abdominals? Have you spend countless time performing dumb exercises that show zero results?

Many people lose that last glimpse of hope because they let their obsession for the perfect “six pack” or “perfect stomach” ruin any chance of realizing, REAL, Ripped abdominal muscles.

Many people know the simple fact that the ABS are actually more than just one muscle. However many people don’t know how to work each one of those abdominal muscle individually to obtain that perfect stomach.

Some Ab Research For Better Understanding:

The abdominal muscle group or the “abs” is made up of the oblique muscles (the waist), the abdominus rectus (six pack area) and the hidden transverse abdominus (that hidden group of ab muscles that are tough to work out).

The rectus abdominus is the muscle most sought after by men because it forms the notorious six-pack.

The rectus abdominus attaches the pelvis to both the sternum and the ribs, which gives you that tugging feeling in your mid-section when you exercise this muscle group.

Next, we have the transverse abdominus, which is almost invisible to most people. The reason this muscle group is tough to be seen is because it is buried beneath the rectus is the transverse abdominus,rects abdominus.

This muscle is what can flatten your midsection.

The last muscle group we have as the obliques. Now, these are what most people refer to as the “abs around your waist.” The reason these are referred to as the waist muscles are because they form a continual wrap around your torso area and are known as side abs.

This muscle is so vital and important because it wraps around your waist and encloses your bony structures and internal organs in a protective support.For this reason of support, the obliques are a muscle that should be exercises and worked on the most.

Though you may work out your obliques everyday, there is the possibility that there are fatty areas or “love handles” covering over your developed muscles.

Now the biggest question with most everybody is, “How can you burn the fat that covers your abdominal muscles?”

Many people want to know how you can tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles to get ripped abs, while at the same time burning off the fat that covers them.

Here’s The Number One Solution:

1. Do some cardio training about 3 to 5 times a week and do some major exercises that target your heart rate zone. Do some jogging, swimming, walking, or even hiking, to slowly progressively get rid of that fat that covers your abdominals. Combine this with your separate ab work outs to develop that ripped Six Pack, while at the same time you burn the fat. You want to back this up with a full body strength workout that incorporates a moderate amount of core training. The added muscle gained from strength training will speed metabolism and increase overall fat burned.

2. Do Some strength-endurance training about 3 to 5 times a week, while at the same time you perform around 10 to 30 minutes of progressive resistance movements. These progressive resistance movements include holding any weights or resistance and pushing your arm straight up above your head with the weights or resistance. Movements that trains the entire body including abs.

3. Do flexibility training about 15 to 20 minutes a day after your work out. This includes any kind of stretching exercises, yoga, or especially stretching of your abdominals. The reason this is so important is because this will help form a balanced body. A balanced body is important because it determines how you hold your body, and ultimately your abdominal appearance.

4. Examine your posture or how you hold your body. Having a bad posture can give you that pot-belly appearance, which isn’t good for those “six pack” muscles, while having good posture can give you a taller, leaner, more ripped look.


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