Telecom Product With A Difference,

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After much time for its development, the Non-Geo people are finally now able to enjoy its benefits. It gives the owner the ability to control his phone calls as well as his own security. With the increasing insecurity of the users of the mobile phone, the Non-Geo came at the right time. The insecurity is mostly caused by giving out a telephone number or when using the telephone number over the internet. The Non-Geo can give the person a sense of protection because you can use as many numbers as you want and you can disconnect any number at your will.

Now you may be asking yourself how this can be possible, this is how it works.

The Non-Geo number is gotten by applying through the website, when you provide your landline number or mobile you will be able to get a new number. The Non-Geo number is used as a spare number and you can get as many as you want. Therefore, you will not need to lie every time one asks you for your number, you just give out the number and you can disable it whenever you want via the internet. This means you do not have to fear consistent calls from any unwanted callers.

With the capacity of having more numbers thanks to the Non-Geo number, you are able to protect your family and yourself because no one will be able to get your real number without your consent. And it is not easy to track your number, the name Non-Geo means that it cannot be traced for any geographical location. For instance, you can give a number to a barman, to any new acquaintance or to an old friend. The good part is that you can give each one his own unique number and you are able to disconnect any of them at your will.

The disadvantage of this system is that it is only available to those residing in the UK. However, if you want a presence in the UK, you can translate your overseas numbers to the UK and you will be able to enjoy this benefit.

The amazing thing about this whole process is that it is free while at the same it is backed by BT, the call cost up to 80% less than the BT calls. As this Non-Geo product is still under development, it is believed that when it will be fully operational, more countries will be able to enjoy it!


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