Home Based Business Opportunity – Your Incredible Plan “b”

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Opportunity Dave …. We Are Letting You Go!, You Can Pick up Your Pink Slip at the Office!……
For some people hearing those words sorry we don’t need you anymore can be the most devastating they could never hear. We have become so comfortable with having a job that our self-esteem and hope for a positive future can be crushed when we lose our job.

America was founded on the entrepreneurial spirit-capitalism in the land of opportunity and yet if we lose our job we lose hope. When you take a look at what’s happening in America right now we are seeing 50-year-old companies filing for bankruptcy. The pioneers of the auto industry: Chrysler, Ford and General Motors are all barely holding on under the weight of a collapsing economy.

When we were children we were told to go get a good job, show up for work every day and don’t be late. If your boss asks you to work overtime don’t question it, just do it. In fact if your boss asks you to sharpen five pencils, then you need to sharpen 10. Our parents said that if we did this we would have job security. That might have been true in our parents day but it does not hold up in today’s economy. But even when things were great our employers only paid us enough money to keep us from quitting, the idea of getting ahead while getting paid by the hour is just a well-planned lie.

We were told that we should get investments and that when we were ready to retire we could use those investments to offset our living expenses and enjoy our golden years. That is not working out for very many people. The stock market is starting to look like Las Vegas-what goes to Vegas stays in Vegas. People are losing their assets through devalued currency and widespread corporate collapse. This means that for most of the working class America retirement will never happen. We are hearing every day how the government is not going to be able to honour its pension commitment as the baby boomers rapidly began moving into retirement.

The good news is that in this type of environment the home-based business sector thrives. In 2010 one company had its largest year in its 25 years of being in business. This is quite a contrast to the fat cats on Wall Street who are now fighting over table scraps. If you are new to marketing and now find yourself looking for a way to replace your ”JOB” income you are then entering into a home-based business opportunity mecca -the true return to the land of opportunity.



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