The Vibrant City of Budapest

Budapest has more spas than the rest of Eastern Europe. Rudas Spa offers a special feature called Cinetrip. You can immerse in the warm water while listening to the most popular electric pop music and seeing visual effects. It is a very intensive experience.

In August you can join the biggest Woodstock-like festival in Central and Eastern Europe, at Dock-Island (Hajógyári sziget), where hundreds of thousands of people meet from all around the world. Sziget is a one week long party. Daytime you can try various activities such as bungie-jumping, every night ten stages offer concerts from world music though heavy metal to trance.

Dining out has many possibilities from 3 USD, whether you feeling like having traditional Hungarian Gulyás-stew or home made Italian pasta. It is easy to find a charming Hungarian or a fancy International restaurant at Liszt Ferenc Square where hundreds of locals and foreigners gather every  evening. The first Michelin star has been awarded to Costes restaurant in the heart of Budapest.

There are plenty of opportunities to walk around the city. From the Castle of Buda, you have chance to see the historic view of Budapest by the river of Danube, and you can see romantic medieval-renaissance houses, with Gothic-style seats. Walk by the Danube reveals the beautiful building of the Parliament, the first Chain bridge in Europe or theater-shaped building of National Theater.

Budapest may not be able to compete with London or Vienna when it comes to the theatres, but we also have a beautiful Opera. At the Museum of Fine Arts you can see the only one magnificent equestrian statue of Leonardo da Vinci or one of the most famous work of Pieter Bruegel the Elder. From the museum take the first subway of Europe to go to Andrássy street. There you can get trendy fashion accessories and bags from Gucci to Luis Vuitton.

After a long day try the thriving night life in the city. There are plenty of interesting pubs all around the both sides of Budapest. The most interesting ones were made in old, ruined houses, designed from the communist era. For instance you can sit in my grandma’s armchair while slurping a sugary raspberry juice.

If you can’t imagine life without your usual Starbucks, you can also find it here.

Come and explore our vibrant city!

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