Two Way Radio Joins The Communication Party

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Communication is important in any organization and the lack of it in a business contributes to the failure of the overall business goal; the two way radio was developed to facilitate communication at work.

The success of communication in the business depends on how well briefings, teleconferencing, emails, meetings and messages are put across. Two way radio is the modern device which helps the company to put across these messages. The radio helps the staff maintain communication when they are in different environments. They are widely used as compared to the cell phone or other mobile devices because it helps the staff to communicate over a wide area without any charge.

The Kenwood TK3201 and Motorola XTN446 are cheap, therefore are affordable for most business set ups. The two way radio is mostly used by the security firms and sporting venues to alert others to any problem which may occur, enhancing the security and safety of the company.

The features of the two way radio include a long life battery and alarms to alert in case of any problem while it is free from license charges.

The Two Way Radio can also increase the overall performance of the factories because people can communicate without having to move around therefore saving time. Departments which are complementary can communicate between them without physical movement of the staff.

One of the many uses of the Two Way Radio in the shops is when the front staff uses the radio to communicate with the store staff. You are likely to go back into a shop whose staff takes lesser time to give you feedback that the product is available or not by using Two Way Radio. However, you will not be happy if you have to waste time on the counter waiting for the staff to go into the store to confirm if the product is available or not. Therefore the Two Way Radio helps in keeping the customers happy and enhances their loyalty.

Another typical example in which the Two Way Radio can enhance customer relationship is in the following situation. A customer may forget one or two of the products she/he has bought, when the retailer notices this, he contacts the gateman to tell the customer to return to get them. This is not normally possible if the retailer has to go out himself to alert the customer. It may be even more difficult if there are many customers whom the retailer has to attend to therefore the two way radio is a very helpful device indeed!


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