Tips On How To Buy A Pouch Laminator

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The pouch laminator is the most used laminator because it is the cheapest and its laminating equipment does not cost much either. It does not need any laminator stand; it can be used on a counter or on any other furniture. The pouch laminator can also be kept away when it is not being used.

Besides being cheaper and easy to use, it is easily available in most office stores in all sizes. From the small one to laminate IDs to the bigger sized to laminate A4 papers, you will find them all.

The laminator uses laminating films which look like a folder. The document to be laminated is placed inside the film then fed into the machine. The machine heats or pressures the document making a permanent bond between the film and the document. A clear edge of the film is left on all sides of the documents. Therefore the laminated paper will be water proof and at the same time tear proof. The laminated documents look professional.

The pouch laminator uses different pouches; the following are some of the pouch films.

The thermal pouches use temperature to adhere. Some use a high temperature up to 270 degree Fahrenheit while others use medium temperature of up to 150 degree Fahrenheit.

The pressure sensitive pouches are used with a cold laminator. The rollers are used to put pressure on the films to make them adhere.

The pouches with barcode cannot be copied thanks to their opaque covering. Security coating can be used with photographs to protect them. If those films are removed, the pictures are also destroyed.

The magnetic stripers have a magnetic code which is read only by a stripe reader.

If you want to bind the documents after lamination, you can choose the pre-punched pouches. The holes are arranged differently therefore you have to choose the ones that fit your needs.

Before buying the pouch laminator, you have to consider the papers which have to be laminated. But if you have to laminate different sizes, you may choose a pouch laminator which laminates different sizes. The pouch laminator can laminate up to 50 pages per day therefore if you need to laminate more than that, you have to choose another laminator. You should remember that you cannot use a hot pouch laminator to laminate pictures.


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