Tips For Cleaning Your Furniture

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If you decide to buy expensive furniture then you should understand that in order to enjoy its beauty and comfort, you need to take good care of it.

Sometimes, it is difficult to keep the furniture’s upholstery beautiful and clean, but following some suggestions which don’t need much time, you will be able to protect and maintain the fabrics in good condition.

The first step is to rotate and fluff the seat cushions daily in order to wear them evenly. Don’t forget to vacuum the furniture with upholstery with a special brush.

Next, you need to remove all ugly stains with some spot cleaning. Avoid using chemical cleaners that contain toxic substances like tetrachloride. It is best if you use products for cleaning that are mild such as dry cleaning products or water-free upholstery solvent. If you are not sure about the result or consequences, don’t use a product that you don’t know much about. Also, test the product over an unexposed spot of the fabric before carrying out a complete spot cleaning.

If your furniture contains some really ugly stains, you should call some experts. There are many companies that will send an expert right to your home. If the pieces involved are high-end pieces or light-colored furniture, you should do the same about the stains. When talking about movable pieces, avoid washing them because the process might make the color fade, also remember to place silk or dark fabrics away from direct sunlight.

A wonderful and innovative solution is to buy furniture pieces with built-in Teflon protection. The liquid will bead up when spilled on this type of material and can be simply wiped away.

If you have wood pieces, you need to dust it with soft pieces of cloth that you lightly submerged in lukewarm water. Drying the surface will avoid bubbling.The beauty of the wooden furniture can be preserved if you polish or wax it once a year. Don’t use silicone-based cleaners or chemical products. Instead, use mild products. The best wax polishes for wood pieces are made of beeswax and paraffin. If it passed your mind to clean the furniture with window cleaners, forget about it or you will destroy the finish.

Wood furniture needs to be placed away from sunlight or heating vents or else the wood will discolor.

These suggestions will be more than useful if your beautiful and lovely furniture needs some cleaning.


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