Cedar Garden Furniture For You

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Why must you buy cedar garden furniture when other cheaper options are available? Every person is original and differs from others by his unique talents, abilities or preferences and every tree is created by nature exactly in the same way, but the woods do have differing qualities. This type of wood has many exceptional qualities and if you add Cedar Garden furniture to your backyard or garden, you will surely bring beauty and elegance into your life. This type of wood contains natural oil that creates a comforting atmosphere, repels insects and also prevents the furniture from tear and wear. Another advantage of this type of oil is the fact that is contributes to the wood’s natural preservatives. This property ensures a longer life of your cedar furniture. Everyone who owns garden furniture is proud of his purchase.

The principal variety of this type of wood is the Thuja plicata and it can be found in the forests of Idaho and Washington. It is important to be sure that the wood with which the furniture you intend to buy is made of has a certificate of sustainable forestry practice. Also, check if the words “Reforestation Program” are written on the furniture or on its label because this wood will not last long.

Cedar is the best wood for Mediterranean weather conditions because it doesn’t contract or expand if it absorbs moisture. This property is related to the fact that it has a low thermal coefficient of expansion and it has air enclosed between its pores. This is the reason why cedar is a great insulator and it does not radiate heat under a certain environment. Whether it is cold or hot outside, you can enjoy yourself in an elegant cedar chair. All the properties make this wood better than other types of wood. To understand its wonderful properties, keep in mind that King Solomon’s shrine, that was build in the 15th century was made of cedar wood and it still exists! Another great property of this wood is its lightness which makes it very portable.

The most popular is the red cedar, but there are many more shades such as gold, white, tan or silver. Besides color, furniture types differ by the coating too that can be unvarnished coat, weathered coat or varnished cum semi silvered coat. If you maintain and care for it properly, the furniture will look wonderful for a long time.

Cedar garden furniture is a great acquisition for your garden and also suits your needs and preferences.


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