Caring For Your Wood Furniture

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Wood furniture makes any room it adorns more elegant and beautiful. It is rare to find a home that does not have some piece of wood furniture. If you prize your wood furniture, you must know all there is to know about its proper care and maintenance.

Make sure that your wood furniture is not stained. Even if you can use any solution to renew it to its natural luster, it is better that it stays away from stains.

In case the wood furniture has been scratched, if it is a small scratch you can disguise it with scratch cover. For a big scratch, you can use a shoe polish to cover it up easily. If water fell on the furniture, allow spots to dry and then rub them with mayonnaise. If glasses have left rings on the furniture, use a mixture of cooking oil and cigarette ashes to rub off the rings.

If you like to use candles and they melt on your furniture, there is help for it too. Use ice to cool wax completely and scrap it out when it is hard, afterwards polish the table. You have to protect your furniture from sunlight unless you have bought wood furniture which is protected against sunlight like picnic tables. Protect your wood dining table by using pads or table cover when no one is using it. When you serve hot food, put a table cloth so that the wood finish will not spoil. Use hot pads for hot dishes and plastic candle holders for candles because it is hard for wax to run out from a plastic candle holder.

When you use mugs or glasses on your coffee table, make sure that you use coasters. However you should take care of how you choose coasters. Coasters made in metal are not good for the wood. Coasters made in plastic react with some finishes used with wood furniture. Buy coasters with a wooden backing on one side and a waterproof material on the other to protect your wood table. Choose coasters that taper upwards to prevent leakage.

Make sure that you polish your wood table regularly at least once a week. This will make it last longer and always look its best. However, some solution can damage your wood furniture like the silicone and ammonia based solutions. If you’d like, you can make your own cleaning solution by mixing lemon and olive oil.


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