Custom And Free Standing Furniture

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Unlike built in furniture, free standing furniture is moveable and can be used anywhere in your home. Free standing furniture is widely used because of its mobility. It gives you flexibility in designing your home, more so if you are someone who likes to change the look of your house frequently. Built-in furniture is designed for special rooms and does not offer you this flexibility.

It is widely used by students in their dorms since it easily allows for an informal and personal atmosphere wherever it is used. Free standing furniture is ideal for people who want to move around with their furniture; however, moving around with your furniture lowers the value of your home. On the other hand, even built in furniture may scare away buyers if they feel that they will be stuck with furniture they don’t like.

Some homes already have fitted in furniture especially in the kitchen; this adds value to your home but becomes a problem if you want to move out, you cannot move with your furniture. Free standing furniture comes in handy in cases like these because you can move them wherever you want. Free standing furniture gives to the owner the opportunity to design his own home, it does not pose any difficulty to you in case you want to mix and match it with other furniture. For those of you who would like to give a personal touch to your home, you can do it with free standing furniture. It is easier for you to move what you want or for the potential buyer of your home to choose what he wants and he would rather discard. If you don’t like crumpled rooms, free standing furniture is for you because you can keep everything where you want it and leave some space between the walls and the pieces too. In the past, most cupboards, sink units, tables and dressers were fitted in the house. Today several companies offer them as moveable furniture.

Free standing furniture is gaining importance in offices too because companies are able to create a contemporary appearance without spending too much since no installation is required. It is the first choice for offices which change looks on regular basis. New veneers and eucalyptus (both renewable material) are used to give offices that human touch while they do not negatively impact on the environment. Free standing furniture helps staff to feel comfortable and takes away that mechanical atmosphere from the office.


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