Three Advices That Will Make All The Difference in Dating Girls

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You have to know them by heart and apply them when dating to have the success you deserve. It’s the truth, it’s tricky. And if you are unable to know exactly what to do to make girls like you, you will be heading for big troubles. These tips are great at setting you apart from other guys, the losers in girls’ opinions.

  • The first advice when dating girls is to stop showing insecurities

Many will advise you to be a man and to be daring and other things ( I’m one of them), but if you show an insecurity when dating girls , even for one time, they are going to have a very bad feeling about you and whatever you do, it won’t change nothing to what they think of you.

Some of the most horrible insecurities you can demonstrate when dating girls are:

A lack of self-confidence (asking her what she wants to do or simply asking her about something you should be doing)

Trying to impress her with past “heroic acts”.

Demonstrating a lack of self-esteem by insulting yourself in front of her or worse, telling her that you have no plans and goals for the future.

Asking her about her ex-boyfriends and going depressed in front of her eyes because she told you about a great thing he had or did.

The list is pretty long and you need to remember one simple thing: don’t make her feel awkward when she is with you.

Instead, learn to relax yourself and act as if you are with a buddy of yours, in other words, have a laugh or two, tell her a “stupid” joke, comment on something she is wearing and be daring with your humor with her…

  • The second advice is to ignore her tests

A girl will test you; I’m not going to tell you the contrary here.

She will do this even if she knows who you really are and she truly loves you.

She can’t resist it and she won’t stop testing you, it’s in her genes.

However, her tests shouldn’t be so dramatic on you, if they are so; you will be heading for some nasty stuff.

The only advice that will work with you all the time when dating girls is ignoring her tests.

Whenever a girl gives you a test, simply look her right in the eyes and look away from her arrogantly and uninterestingly.

If you can do this one single thing when tested by girls, their tests will be less frequent and less annoying.

  • The third dating advice is to keep your composure around her.

Many guys are doing this terrible mistake when dating girls:

They are going to say something and do the very opposite of it!

For example, you tell her that you did a very courageous thing in the past, however, when the waiter ignores you or doesn’t pay attention to you, you back down and you start feeling miserable right in front of her!!!

This is a sure way to tell the girl implicitly: “you should never trust what I say to you, I’m a liar!”

Never say something you didn’t do!

If you have nothing to boast, simply shut up and listen to her.

It will be much more sexier for her than hearing a lie or a false story from you, you can follow this guide I’ve written to know how to pick up and attract girls the correct and right way that is truly attractive, this is what’s going to turn her on about you, not some very dumb story or gesture you do in front of her


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