Best Career For Scorpio The Scorpion

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Take a look at the average Scorpio individual. On the surface the Scorpio individual seems very powerful,  and confident. Their very dynamic and persuasive personality make them stand out in a crowd.  It appears that they could easily fit into any career that they choose. Despite their look of invincibility and toughness they do not react well under pressure. The Scorpion indiviudal is just  not able to handle too much on the job stress. Scorpio’s in a position of power where they have full control and responsibility is a nightmare situation for the Scorpio.  Why? They like to avoid taking the full responsibility for situations. Their decision making process usually seems totally illogical to others. They react more on an emotional level than using logic or reason. And this could stir up plenty of  trouble among co-workers.

Best Career

Scorpio is very charming and charismatic. Consequently, they are great in a corporate setting or small business. The Scorpio is also quite the persuasive individual. In fact, a Scorpio salesman could probably sell ice to an Eskimo. And the average Scorpio would make an excellent salesperson while quickly rising to the top in this career. Scorpio’s are also great at listening to people and helping them to find soloutions to problems. That is why many make excellent counselors or consultants. Scorpio’s would also do quite well with a health career. Many are attracted to the alternative healing arts. Their deep understanding  and sensitivity would make it easy for them to thrive in such a career.

Career and Money

Astrology Birth Charts show that the Scorpio is a very ambitious and hard working individual who should easily achieve success in their career. They also usually make very good and loyal employees. They thrive in a business partnership when they share the responsibility instead of shouldering the full load. Some Scorpio’s achieve easy financial success and have good earning power throughout their career while others might experience several setbacks. While it is true that some Scorpio’s are great at amassing money,  their impulsive nature makes them spend their savings too freely. The Scorpio must strive to  curb their impulsive spending and learn to invest their money early in their career in order to have a secure financial future.


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