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Some individuals argue that it is clothes that make a man, but I tend to think that in the corporate world, it is the office furniture that defines a man or woman. Office furniture tends to count a great deal. If you are the individual in the mail room then count yourself lucky if at all you are bound to get a desk and may be a good chair. If you are somebody in the middle management position, then in most instances, you are bound to get yourself a desk to start with or actually have an office and nice furniture that goes with your office. Here you might at least be assured of good office furniture. If you are somebody in the upper management level then you are well assured of a well placed office that is marginally set up for you with all the office furniture that you like. Name any category and you are well assured that it may be found in your office. After all you are the manager and the head of the organization. Name any office furniture that money can buy and you are well assured of getting it.

So the question that many of us ask is whether position gives you the best or offers the best office furniture you can dream of or is it the furniture that helps you move to a better office or rather a good position? The reason I am bringing up this point is because a number of people say that one should dress for success. When you are nicely dressed then chances are high that you stand a better chance or you are better placed for moving up in the corporate world. You are bound to climb up easily through the corporate ladder when you present yourself well.

If you have the opportunity of choosing the type of office furniture that you want in your office, then of course you should jump at it without a second thought. If currently hold a middle management position at your workplace and the office you have looks similar to that of the guys in top management; then chances are very high that within a very short time you are headed for that senior position too and you will become part of the top management! Do not underestimate the power of impressive office furniture just like you cannot underestimate power dressing in today’s corporate world.

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