Platform Beds

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The platform bed craze that had hit Europe has finally found its way to the States. Many of these beds can be found in various styles so you are bound to find one that suits you. Platform beds have more advantages than just an appealing appearance.

In as much as platform beds are the hottest thing to have and own, they are still easy on the pocket. This should be by far the best advantage as you can have top of the range platform beds at a price that will not kill you financially. Thanks to the support these beds have, all you need is an inner spring mattress of the likes of futon mattresses. There is also no need for you to reduce the size of your mattress from a king to queen size just because there will be no use for a box spring. If your reason for using a box spring is to raise the height of the bed, you can then have each of your platform beds fitted with box springs. If you didn’t know, sleeping a little lower to the floor would ensure you had a cool night’s rest. As plain and simple as the platform bed looks, it is very economical.

Thanks to its simple designs, it is very easy to maintain and it also gives one a lot of versatility to work with. It doesn’t matter if you are planning to change your current bed or if you want to redo your whole room, this platform bed will work for any occasion. Because of its designs and versatility, it is very easy for the platform bed to fit into any scheme of your bedroom. To suit you, it can be a clean cut design and it can also have a warmer inviting look.

Some styles of platform beds can also be convenient as some have side compartments or storage drawers which can be used to store bedding or even books and other items. Some even have storage compartments within the headboard of the platform bed. This means you wouldn’t have to reach very far if you ever had the need for an extra pillow at night. You could even use it to store some of your wife’s extra clothes just because she filled her side of the closet and is threatening to use part of yours! Whatever use it is put to, it will still add charm to the room.


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