Home Decorating Using Empire Furniture

Matching the floor plan or a general idea of your house to empire furniture is no easy task. There are a couple of books on design that you can use with plenty of advice on which basic theme you should use. Afterwards, you could always get items that could blend in with it to create a whole furnished look. One very famous book that you could use is the Illustrated History of Furniture. There are some empire furniture tips that were extracted from the book and have been defined below.

Ornaments to use for careful finishes

A common ornament that is used for tables and secretaries is a column made out of mahogany and that has both capital and base made out of bronze. The bronze itself may be gilt or green. This column is generally in the form of a sphinx’s head with an animal’s foot. It is normal to find console tables fitted with sphinxes and griffins which provide support. Candelabra on the wall are usually in the form of winged angels. The angels themselves are usually stiff but are made of good durable material.

Mythological subjects from Italian gems and seals are what form the basis of clocks and the friezes of cabinets. Some of them even represent Napoleon being shown as a Roman general. Because of the Revolution, a lot went missing thus leaving room for replacement. It was during this time that a lot of empire furniture which was decorative in nature was made.

Books to consult

The book of designs would be the first place for you to look for information on empire furniture. It was published in the 19th century and it was published by two respectable architects which further increases its value. What makes this book on empire furniture believable is that most of the examples and models mentioned in the book were actually used in real life. The authors of the book owe it entirely to antiques for the various designs of empire furniture and ornaments they displayed. Some of the empire furniture designs were even taken from the Museum in the Vatican.

Classic designs

An example of classic designs which is applied to a chair in the empire furniture line is like that of an arm chair with decorative qualities and richly mounted styles. Although their designs still make them look stiff and constrained, they still manage to look attractive thanks to the mahogany and the high finishing with the costly silk. That is the impact empire furniture always has – a rich and high finishing.

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