Trick Photography And Special Effects Review-Powerfull Secret Photographic Techniques

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Trick Photography and Special Effects allows you to take greater advantage of your photography skills. There are so many professional tricks that are introduced here that you will find absolutely helpful.

Trick Photography and Special Effects Overview:

Product Creator:Evan Sharboneau
Money Back Guarantee:Yes
Refund Period: 60 days
Trail Payment:No
Reviews Author:Samantha

More Information About Trick Photography and Special Effects

Does Evan Sharboneau’s Trick Photography and Special Effects Really Work? Is it a Scam?Please keep reading Trick Photography and Special Effects reviews in the following,I will tell you the truth about it laterTrick Photography and Special Effects Review:

Getting Inside the Contents

The e-book is basically an instructional material for those photography professionals or enthusiasts in making full use of their DLSR cameras and trick photography software to produce cool images by way of the specialtrick photography ideas and techniques stated in the e-book. What is likely to find here is a three-module program packed with the coolest (and the conventional as well) techniques in trick photography and photo-manipulation. The lessons that are herewith has actually been tested and practiced by the author himself. You can always visit Evan’s PhotoExtremist site to view some of his works. However, the e-book itself contains such amazing images from the author’s works and some from his colleagues; they primarily serve as illustration for each corresponding given method, making it easy for you to figure out the expected outcome for a particular technique.

The techniques and methods I have been talking about may range from long exposure effects to light painting, in-camera illusions to high-dynamic range images, up to a number of Photoshop projects. Also included here is some of the famous trick photo that surely had boggled your mind on how it was done – the Head in the Pot effect.

There are 3 different modules included in the book:

Module 1: Long Exposure Effects and Light Painting

Learn how to light-paint like a pro. This module covers everything you need to know on capturing those beautiful illuminated long exposure photos you have been dreaming about. With over 60 pages reviewing different light sources describing what they do and how to use them, you won’t ever find yourself in the dark without a bright idea.

Module 2: Trick Photography and Special Effects

This module goes over the mind-blowing special effects and optical illusion techniques that add drama and surreal creativity to your images. Adobe Photoshop software is recommended for this module but isn’t 100% essential.

Module 3: Photoshop Projects

This module is filled with Photoshop-oriented projects. It is easy to follow and the tools are simple to use. You can learn how to create shocking images using Multiplicity Photography, Levitation Photography, Floating Fruit, and more.

If you don’t have Photoshop, don’t feel left out. The ebook at the beginning, will  tell you where you can get it for cheap and also give you a free alternative.

More Information About Trick Photography and Special Effects

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