Choosing a Pine Chest Of Drawers

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Pine is a beautiful wood that can be used to make practically any type of household furniture. It has a maturity period of about twenty to thirty years and is a deep yellow in color. It can either be stained or varnished when being finished. It is quite easy to work with and allows artists to express themselves well in terms of stenciling and curving on it. The light color of the wood makes the pine chest of drawers to be a very good addition to your bedroom.

A pine chest of drawers could be a good choice when you are looking at replacements for furniture in your house. The light color of pine acts as a kind of moth protection for your clothes. Light colors may be psychologically good for your mood. They are good at helping you to lift the oppressive moods that might come over you and they help you to feel relaxed when you are in the room or when you are trying to sleep. Used with other lighter colors, your bedroom will look brighter. The good thing about the color of pine chest of drawers is that it makes them go well with just about anything.

A pine chest of drawers matches especially well with a pine table, headboard or writing desk. You can also have some other items of more vivid colors as the light color background of pine will make them more noticeable. For instance some velvet curtains, a red rug or a painting will be more easily noticed if they are not competing for attention with other items in the room.

If you are looking for a true solid wooden piece of pine chest of drawers, then you should be willing to pay more than for what is available because these cost more. What is commonly available is known as faux pine. These are pieces of wood that are pressed together and are then given covered with a faux wood finish. This is what you will usually get when you go out to purchase a chest of drawers. Most of the time, it will come with some assembly instructions.

You should be very attentive to understand all the instructions that come with the pieces of your pine chest of drawers so as to avoid making a mess of everything. Once you get the hang of it, the rest should be quite easy to go through.


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