Thor, a 3-D Epic Dual Between Asgardians And Frost Giants

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Usually, mortals are at the mercy of some villain or caught in the middle of a power struggle between forces that their conventional wisdom just won’t accept. 

The adventurous pre-summer flick, “Thor” follows suit as a film about warriors from the distant realm, Asgard who fight to protect the universe from the frost giants whose ultimate goal is to send Earth into an ice age.  Needless to say, the awe-stricken Earthlings who pride themselves upon their scientific expertise and military training for defense struggle to make sense of the puzzling astronomical data that they find as a mysterious man by the name of Thor is thrust into their presence from the sky. 

The special effects of the film are enough to engage any viewer from the beginning all the way until the post-credit scenes.  Every explosion, fight scene, or backdrop of Asgard city is a 3-D masterpiece for which all computer artists involved must be proud of.  This is to be expected considering that the plot straddles the line between science fiction and the human’s concept of reality.  As Thor attempted to explain to the researcher whom he has grown fond of, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) “Your ancestors called it magic.  You call it science.”  The special effects are magical indeed to say the least.  Anthony Hopkins plays King Odin who rests upon an illuminating bed within the chambers of the royal Asgardian castle.  On the other hand, Nefelheim, home to the frost Giants is portrayed as a dark, frozen cave in which all surrounding walls are lined with ageless rocks of ice. 

Throughout the film, Thor learns the errors of his ways and ultimately matures into a more conscious leader who knows to take heed to wise council.  Had he shown some form of remorse for breaking his father’s orders not to visit Fefelheim, his banishment to earth could have been avoided.  As an effort not to give away too much of the story, it becomes obvious that Thor’s arrogant and war-driven attitude makes him absolutely unworthy of kingship or his inherited gift of battle.  However, Thor’s growing affinity for humans and determination to save them strengthens his character.  Again, this is classic Marvel Comic material.  Overall, Thor receives a rating of 10 out of 10. 


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