Bali – Island of Gods

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Some people say that there is a place in Indonesia that has beautiful sand, wonderful beach and exotic culture. All of them not a myth and there really is a place called Bali. Land of gods is nickname for the island,   thousand people coming from different continent just want to see how beautiful the island is and some of them stay for couple month or more and finally they don’t want to go back to their home country.

According my experience when visiting Bali and talk to different tourist who come to Bali, they like Bali because most of local people are really open to all people and sometime if you lucky you don’t need to pay for Hotel because they invite you to stay in their house, there are no hiding motive instead they just like to meet new people and talk about different culture. Bali is an island in Asia and the conversion is low so as European or American you will feel that your monthly paid in your home country can support you for about 2 or 3 months or even more if you really tight with your daily expanses like finding local restaurant that is not really expensive.

Another nice thing about Bali , you will find everyday is summer holiday no freezing day where you stay at home with your coffee sitting in front TV. Shinny day and beautiful beach is really tempting you to tanning your skin. And the traditional culture which is very unique and no other place that has its culture makes you want to learn and adapt with local people.

As the summary, if you are traveler with tight budget and want to visit an area where you can find mix lifestyle between modern lifestyle and feeling the traditional local people who willing to talk to new people and very welcome to share the culture and be the nice friend of you, Bali is the answer. No wonder why so many people is dreaming to celebrate their honey moon in Bali or married in Bali because Bali is offering you everything,; local culture, beautiful beach and the dream that you never had.

Now is time for you to setup your flight date and find the cheapest deals then ready to go. Once you arrive in Bali just be ready to find exciting experience with beautifulness of Bali and open minded local people, just say Hi and welcome to the paradise


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