Sports in a Busy Life Style

The Truth

What actually happens is that as we age we have the perception that we are bound to end up with a buldging belly and are destined to become generally unfit to the extent that we cant touch our toes, cant eat what we want and cant do what we once seemed to do effortlessly. Again to add to the tragedy we see some of our peers at work who still seem to have it all they look lean and fitter atleast more than us and we wander what is the difference between them and us and where have we gone wrong but the list seems endless and goes on and on for ages.

The Question

The big question is most of our minds is that does it have to be this way? The answer is NO !! it is up to us what path we chose and follow, lets face the fact we all want to turn heads with our big biceps, rock hard abs etc but we are not willing to put in the effort and this is the major difference between you and the guy with the big guns and abs which wouldn’t be out of place in a hollywood flick.

The solution

The solution to this problem is the problem it’s self and it is motivation, the only major difference between a sucess story and a disaster. Motivation is the drive that leads to our goals it is the engine driving our sucess to new and greater pinnacles of self improvment. Motivation is the one pre-requisite for sucess  as i am writing about general fitness so I am going to do it in this perspective.

The game plan

Lets face it most of us have a hectic life involving work fomr 9 to 5 and even more if we are on a  higher post so we quite frankly dont have the time family let alone to get some exercise and this is the most common excuse we dish out when we want to satisfy ourselves but we have to ask ourselves ”Does it have to be this way?” The answer is ”No”. In order to accomodate the most basic level of general fitness we should put into force the following :

1.No such thing as too old for exercise

The most common beleif is that as we age we get unfit for exercise which is wrong altough the intensity of our exercise is bound to happen this is no excuse to quit on it from the begining.

2.Super human abilities are not needed

Another beleif is that fit people are born this way and generally weaker people are born that way so no one can change that. This is true to some extent but is flase to a greaer extent you dont have to be able to do a 100 push ups or situps for fitness you can always start from your own level and work your way up.

3.Dont have the time

Another lame excuse is that we dont have the time so look at it this way you dont have the time because if you are not in the workplace nothing is goning to be done right and if you dont exercise some day in the near future you are going to have to skip work for some doctor’s appointment for arthritis or some other age and exercise related disease so instead of doing your workplce a favour you are putting them at a huge loss.

The Silver bullet

I know i have excited you but there is no silver bullet for fitness you have to take out time for yourself so you can do yourself and your workplace a fovour.

Start by something samll like a 15 mins walk and a few push ups and situps in the end the advantage is that this costs no money after that you can move up if you want to like a 5 mins jog and some light exercise and stretching and if you want to do better then join a gym or pick up a sport so you can socialise and work out at the same time. By doing this you are bound to see improvment in your weight, mood and metabolism so good luck and keep at it.

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