Tips to Earn Money With Redgage For Daily Online Activities

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To earn some extra money from your online content, here is a great opportunity for you, learn about RedGage right now, it is a unique social bookmarking website, which can really help you to increase your online traffic and boost your online earnings tremendously. is an excellent social networking site which pays you for all your online content. It gives you a platform to upload your blogs, photos, videos, documents or article links and pays you in return for doing all the usual social networking activities that you are already involved in.

As a freelance writer you can easily increase your article earnings by uploading the article links to Redgage.Here are the advantages of joining Redgage

1. Excellent article promotion opportunity

2. More Internet Visibility and Exposure

3. Increase in online daily traffic

4. Boost in earnings

Every time someone views one of your content pages on RedGage, you make money. RedGage pays you based on the number of views you get on your content. The payments are strictly based on each user’s rate per 1000 views. The payout ratio is different for each user at Redgage. The payout ratio is calculated by taking into consideration the user’s level of activity along with the quality of uploaded content.

Ways to make money at Redgage

1. Daily page views: Depending on the number of your daily hits and the quality of your content, you get paid for daily page views.

2. Featured content bonus: If your content gets selected and gets featured on the homepage, it not only brings you massive exposure and page views but also get you extra money. RedGage awards featured bonuses to content which makes it to the main page.

3. Redgage Daily Contest: there is a daily contest at Redgage where every day the winner receives $25.00 as prize. The participating rules for this contest are simple and easy. The user has to collect raffle tickets which are entirely based on Redgage activity.

The payments at RedGage are not by PayPal and Alert pay but it has a unique payment system. It pays through Visa Debit card. Once you reach the minimum payout level of $25.00 you can withdraw you earnings to the Redgage debit card.

At the time of first withdrawal you will be asked for your contact information and the RedGage Visa Card will be shipped to you. I can assure you that Redgage is a legitimate and genuine website as I have received my Redgage visa card last year and it is indeed working successfully.

By now you know what to do to increase your online earnings, so go join RedGage right now. See you there!


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