Search Engine Optimization: You Should Know The Process

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Search Engine Optimization: You Should Know The Process

Follow uncomplicated 13 steps to make your web-site on the top: Search Engine and directory friendliness – Theme oriented – Web site structure – Downloading speed – Page rank – Present key phrases in title and Meta tags – Navigation structure – Competitor analysis – Keyword analysis – Keyword density – Content placement (Use of keywords in text) – Link popularity – Reciprocal link generation.

Search engine optimization and directory

• When analyzing a site for search engine friendliness it extremely vital to take a look at four arrears: Architecture, Technologies, Source code and Code. Optimization can be accomplished in stages and does not must be tackled all at when.
• Terrific text, excellent link architecture for search engine spiders to follow.
• Directory editors are seeking for certain qualities in a web web site, like legibility, ease of navigation, and quick download time.
• Directories are seeking for expert designed sites as every web page in the directory reflects the good quality of the whole directory.

Theme oriented

• Theme can be lots of issues, such as color scheme or subject matter, but in Google’s terms, a theme is the subject matter.
• It also helps you for straightforward directory submission on key directories like Dmoz.
• Analyze the precise theme of your web site and analyze keywords based on that theme.

Web page structure

• The most vital rule in web design is that your internet web site need to be easy to read.
• Removing unwanted tags and putting javascript and css into external file.
• Test your web-site on various internet browsers.

Downloading speed

• Analyze your web-site and find out the download time on distinct browsers and also have a look at the exact size of your each and every page.
• As a rule of thumb, no single graphic need to be larger than 30 KB to 50 KB, and no single page really should have much more than 200 KB of graphics.
• Studies have indicated that visitors will promptly lose interest in your web web-site if the majority of a page does not download within 15 seconds.

Page rank

• PageRank™, a system for ranking web pages.
• New web sites take time to rank properly in Google along with other search engines. Most new sites take time to create up PageRank. Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote.
• Checking page rank is easy you have just download Google toolbar it is going to show you the page rank of your page.

Present key phrases in title and Meta tags

•Meta tags are included inside the html, between the and at the top of the document It’s crucial to get the right data in these as this could decide whether or not or not your internet web-site is listed.
• The meta tags (within the HTML of each page) for title, key phrases and description should be utilized to their full value, and match key phrases that appear within the body of the page
• Some search engines (not all) use meta tags to obtain the details about your web page – directories don’t use them.
• Meta tags are an critical aspect of search engine optimization.

Navigation structure

• Site navigation will be the most vital aspect to take into consideration whilst designing a website. The primary aim for effective navigation is get your visitors to remain inside your site and also for quick navigation of search engine.
• This procedure includes following things
• Organized links.
• Organized links according to the order of significance.
• Clear and prominent.
• Navigation must be clear and prominent. Critical Links must be on the top or left as these are the 1st places our eyes go to.
• Consistent.
• Navigation really should be consistent. The vital links of your web-site ought to be on every single page, inside the identical location and within the very same sequence.

Competitor analysis

• Who are your competitors? Analysis your competitors to know how quick you might get your web site on top with search engines.
• Looking your competitor’s link popularity data like number of internet sites pointing to them as well as the nature of internet sites linking to them.
• Relevancy of site’s linking to your competitor’s web-sites etc.

Keyword analysis

• Perform a detailed analysis to identify probably the most popular and finest targeted key phrases for maximum exposure.

Keyword density

• The number of times a keyword is utilized on a internet page divided by the total quantity of words on the page. Expressed as a percentage.
• Made correct keyword density pages.

Content placement. (Use of key phrases in text)

• Content is the 1 factor that search engines or spiders are searching for. Content is what individuals would like to see. Offering good high quality, relevant content really should be the number 1 Seo method as it has a massive effect on search engine rankings, yet it can be generally overlooked.
• Write appropriate content will boost your ranking in all Search Engines.
Link popularity

• The number of sites which link to a certain web site. Most search engines use link popularity as a factor in determining the search engine ranking of a internet site.
• Even though you will discover software program programs obtainable that will search for feasible web sites and send and automated request to the owner requesting a reciprocal link, we have found them to less helpful than a individual approach.
• Avoid taking links from FFA (Totally free for All) and Guestbook’s as search engine doesn’t think about links from these internet sites.


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