Bacterial Vaginosis Remedy

Looking for a Bacterial Vaginosis Remedy? You may be in for a little bit of a surprise. As common as bacterial vaginosis is. Approximately 1 in 400 women have it at any given time. Most women have problems with curing it permanently.

So why is finding an effective bacterial vaginosis remedy so hard?

First of all. most women will automatically go to their doctors for treatment. That in itself is not a bad thing. it’s always great to know exactly what’s wrong with you! The problem is that most doctors will automatically treat you with a round of medications such as Flagyl, Cleocin, or Metrogel.

The problem with antibiotics and such are that whenever you take them you are making yourself much more vulnerable for future infections. So you kind of get stuck between a rock and a hard place. You have to ask yourself if your symptoms are so bad that you need relief while realizing that the infection will very likely be back again within a few months. Then as the infection starts to get resistant to the medication you need to start taking even stronger stuff!

It’s somewhat pointless to use antibiotics to fight bacterial vaginosis. When you go on a round of antibiotics you kill all the bacteria in your system. That may sound great but what most women fail to realize is that your vagina contains both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria.

Taking antibiotics obliterates all bacteria in your body. At first that may seem fine, but most people fail to realize that you need the good bacteria in your body to help you fight off infection and disease. When you wipe out all the bacteria in your system, you are inviting new bacteria to come and take over. as you have no more good bacteria to fight off infection.

What should you do about a Bacterial Vaginosis Remedy then?

I personally feel that the best way to combat bacterial vaginosis is by using all natural methods. Your body is made to fight off infection. It’s super good at it! If you employ a few natural cures that help your body you can easily eliminate bacterial vaginosis from your life.

So what can you do to get your body in tip top shape? To help your body fight off infection you should increase your Folic Acid intake. Folic acid is beneficial because it helps your body fight off infections by helping out your red blood cells.

Ok, so where can you get a good dose of Folic Acid? Unfortunately, you will not find it in a cheeseburger! Your gonna have to look towards dark, leafy, and green veggies to get folic acid.

Next time you find yourself in the supermarket make sure to include some of these foods which are high in Folic Acid: Greens. basically anything that is leafy or green will be high in Folic Acid. Nuts. Seeds… anything that is whole grain and not processed. All fruits. especially citrus fruits.

I would say that you would be the best off supplementing your folic acid through your food. Do not rely on vitamins and supplements for extra folic acid. If your are going to you should consume approximately 700 micrograms a day. If you take much more you can be setting yourself up for problems later on.

Another fairly common bacterial vaginosis remedy is to use garlic. Garlic has proven itself time and time again to be one of nature’s most effective antibiotics. It has been used throughout history to help fend of a slew of different infections and illnesses.

Garlic has been proven time and time again to be a great bacterial vaginosis remedy. Add tons of fresh garlic to everything you eat! It may smell funny but it’s super healthy, it can really help you obliterate bacterial vaginosis for ever. If you can’t stand garlic go buy some garlic supplements. those work too.

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