Republicans, Democrats, Independents, And Other Mental Defectives

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Republicans, Democrats, Independents, And Other Mental defectives

by DBSanders on May.08, 2011, under POLITICS

I have apparently confused a few of my reader friends about what if any political party I affiliate myself with. You would have a hard time finding any information on that. I refuse to stand as part of a party of any type that did not invite me to the dance. And you say voting is dancing and it is but are we calling the tune? And picking the sounds we want to hear or accepting what we are told is good for us? From one place or the other, seems a lot of people have a lot of ideas about what I need. If you got to dance you should at least be in on the music selections.  And so far no one in the White House has ever asked me to diner or to dance.

And so I watch and learn and try as best I can to pick who I hope to be the lesser of two liars or now the less of 3 or 4 or more liars, political parties seem to be popping up like crocus in a spring. I’m losing count.

But I have considered starting my own party and call it the “Water Party”  Mixes with any thing doesn’t matter if you like tea or coffee or even scotch it  all will mix with water and one campaign slogan could be “Dip you tea in my political pool” or “Brew you Coffee in the heat of reality”

And if that doesn’t work Scotch and water will.

And so I do my best to figure out who the biggest liar and person opposed to what I believe in is and then pick the other Man or Woman. And isn’t that really all any free thinking open minded person can do? No regular citizen will ever know the real backgrounds that have lead a particular candidate to run for the presidency, or even as high and sometimes more important the animal control officer. The party I believe in the least is Independent at least as it applies to any politician, we citizens have that luxury we can truly be independent and set back and listen and learn and then without any palm greasing back slapping or hand washing and vote for the person we believe most.

If I move into your neighborhood and grow a fruit tree and my neighbor starts a beehive, I tell my neighbor I will give you one fruit tree for one bee hive, so we can multiple cross fertilize and smother out the independent farmer up the road. The independent now has a choice be forced out of business or give some of his best manure for a bee hive and fruit tree, but he will also have to share all the profits of the tree but he came in late so he gets 20 percent, the other two get 40. He’s not part of the multi national conglomeration of Beehive Fruits Tress international, he is just a support guy who gets smaller every day.

I have been blasting Donald “The Duck” Trump and before that the ever lovely Sarah Palin and since both those people are obviously not democrats it would stand to reason and someone’s so called obvious logic that I am a Democrat. But nothing could be further from the truth and let me as admittedly say that I am not republican. Nothing could be further from the truth that I am either, actually I am independent, but I can be because I don’t have to wash anyone else’s back.  I am against stupid, egotistical, fear mongering. Sarah Palin convinced me she is an idiot and Donald Trump has convinced me that he is a egotistical germ phobic bully that would use any device possible to draw attention to himself for as long as possible even if  it meant pursuing some of the dumbest criticism against a president that have ever been made.

What is my political affiliation? For those of you who are wondering, well I’ve been wondering about that since probably the age of 18. I was shot out of the world of High School politics when I got my first drat card. It said 3-A on it I wasn’t going   to fight, Dad had political pull, I refused the deferment all three times they tried, finally 1 A, didn’t want that either or the pardon that years later at the hands of Jimmy Carter President

“On this day January 21st Jimmy Carter, in his first day in office, fulfilled a campaign promise by granting unconditional pardons to hundreds of thousands of men who had evaded the draft during the Vietnam War by fleeing the country or by failing to register”

I had neither failed to register nor did I hide, I insisted on court and refuse all offers on leniency If many of the guys I played  football with were going to Vietnam and fight I would also fight and be willing to die for what I believed. As yes I was willing to and almost did once on a hunger strike. I angrily disagreed with Jimmy Carter; by the way he was a Democrat.

And if I had to, it would not disrupt my life very much, to pick a party because I tend to be very able to disagree and be come disagreeable at and with any party.

I am of the party of, “I don’t trust any politician until they prove me wrong”, so I usually have to pick the one that proves me wrong the least.

A friend wrote to me recently and in his justifiable rage and concern he said, “When are we going to pick up our pitch forks and march on Washington?” Of course the word Pitch Fork was symbolical and no violence intended, but he meant get pissed and march, say No!  It has been many presidents and many congresses that have led us like lemmings to and off the cliffs of disaster. The United States of American Despair.

My friend is right, when we will say, as they did during the Freedom Marches in the 1950’s ‘civil rights movement, the Vietnam War and the Union members of  West Virginia, Kentucky in the 1920’s-30’s and 40’s even the fifties and on many levels today, Wisconsin. Hell No!  If you ant got much you ant got much to lose.

Parties and affiliation be damn, people are the biggest party in this country, and we are the party. Republican Democrat, neighbor, we have a lot in common or does one pay less at the local Exxon station for gas than the other? We have a lot of the same needs and many of the same questions, we actually agree. But it’s our politicians in DC that have to play the corporate, lobbyist games. While what we want and deserve are human rights, health care, safe and affordable housing, and grocery and gas prices that don’t continue to keep beating us down.

By the way do you think Donald Trump? Barack Obama? And many others that are sworn to care for us will have to cancel their vacations this year. But I will, and so will many others, what’s wrong with this picture?

So when I bash “The Duck” I’m not bashing the party but the person, And Donald Trump will ultimately help to bring the downfall just as Sarah Palin would of the Republican Party in all its guises.

To sum up it comes from Mark Twain

“Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.” Mark Twain

Freedom Riders Bus in flames

I deserve an education, I am human

Chicago 1968


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