Men: 5 Hair Grooming Tips

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Remember the high school ‘stud’ who went around with a comb in his back pocket? Every time he graced us with his presence in a building, he pulled the comb out and whipped it through his hair to lock in his good looks. Admit it. You pointed at him.

These days, men’s grooming is not for just for metrosexuals. It’s for every man. If someone tries to make fun of you for caring how you look, just let ’em look at the way the ladies ogle you!

Here are a few men’s hair care best practices, beginning with five stages of men’s hair grooming.

Step 1: Washing Men’s Hair
Getting your hair clean is the first step for great men’s hair grooming. Your lifestyle determines how often you wash your hair. If you lead an active lifestyle, you’ll need to wash your hair more often than most to get rid of the sweaty, greasy build-up. You also might need to wash your hair more often if you use hair grooming products heavily. Whatever frequency you choose, be sure to make hair washing a part of your regular daily grooming routine.

Step 2: Toning Men’s Hair
Apply toner after washing and before conditioning, gently massaging your scalp. This step often is skipped in men’s hair care routines. It’s uncalled for, because toning and massaging the hair not only feels good, but it helps release natural oils from the sebaceous glands in your scalp (that’s a good thing). Massage your hair in any pattern you like, but avoid circles because it can tangle the hair.

Step 3: Conditioning Men’s Hair
Men are hard on their hair, usually showering and towel-rubbing more often than women. The result is hair that can get dry and brittle. Moisturizing with a higher end conditioner helps hair withstand the abuse and look its best. If you have oily hair, consider using an herbal rinse, rather than a heavy crème conditioner.

Step 4: Grooming Men’s Hair
Once you’ve got your hair in good shape with proper washing, toning and conditioning, it’s time to pay attention to physically grooming it. You need the right tools for the job: 1) a brush (natural bristles are best); 2) a comb (wide-toothed for curly hair); and 3) a hair dryer (anything less than 1,000 watts is a waste).

Step 5: Styling Men’s Hair
Time to banish the ‘just out of bed’ look! Use your choice of creme, spray, mousse or gell—just enough to do the job, and not so much that it drips from your head or soaks into your shirt when you pull it over your head. Find a routine you can accomplish daily in less than five minutes, so it’s not a chore. To find the right products, read up on the Internet or ask your friends what they use.

3 Hot Hair Grooming Tips
• Use name brand products. They are better for your hair, and you won’t get frustrated using them. Most quality products cost a little more, but you also have to use a little less.
• For best hair grooming results, get regular cuts and trims to keep hair healthy. Your hair cutter also can trim unruly eyebrows.
• Use an anti-dandruff shampoo if you have even a hint of flakiness on your scalp.

No matter how much hair you have, how thick it is, or what style you wear, it’s worth taking the time for a good hair grooming routine. Caring for your locks is one of the most important ways to get good looks!


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