Ielts Linking Word Exercise

1. Mr. Kyut is poor; ___, his cousin Katey is rich.
a. therefore b. otherwise c. however

2. You’d better take a taxi cab  ___, you wll be late.
a. Consequently b. In addition c. Otherwise

3. I very much enjoy going through this new daily magazine. ___, it has some good writings.
a. Moreover b. Nevertheless c. Consequently

4. Jimmy was not tired. ___, he only took a nap.
a. Therefore b. Hence c. Nevertheless

5. Paul was not thirsty at all; ___, he drank three glasses of water.
a. however b. moreover c. secondly

6. The kids of the class 5 did not study. ___, they failed the course of Mr. Kaile.
a. Therefore b. Nonetheless c. On the other hand

7. The weather of Bangladesh was terrible. ___, we decided to delay our trip to Dhaka.
a. Subsequently b. Besides c. Therefore

8. You must buy the tickets of IPL semi finals; ___, we won’t be able to see the play.
a. otherwise b. although c. besides

9. The occupants of this area is not very interesting. I like the house atmosphere, ___.
a. moreover b. thus c. though

10.We live in the same building under the same roof for almost 3 years; ___, we hardly see each other daily.
a. however b. therefore c. furthermore

11. He couldn’t earn sufficient amount of money to run his family. ___, his wife decided to get a job.
a. Moreover b. Therefore c. Although

12. This house is not big enough for us to live comfortably, and ___, it’s too much expensive.
a. furthermore b. hence c. although

13. _____ the literacy rate of City A increased dramatically in the first quarter, it decreased sharply in the second quarter.

a. Though  b. Instead c. However

14. The commodity price soared ______ the share price plummeted.

a. After  b. But  c. Furthermore

15. You should work hard _______ you will fail to earn the PhD degree.

a. Hence  b. Otherwise  c. Though

16. ________ walking long distance, Mr. Leon was panting.

a. As a result of  b. Becasue  c. However

17. _____ terrible weather, the students could not reach school on time.

a. As  c. Although  d. Due to

18. The town was having difficulties in attaining growth, _____ the mass people was not satisfied at all.

a. Hence  b. After  c. Then

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