Hair Sculptures Of Four Seasons

Haircan be one of the most amazing mediums to work with.  While some people my think of sculptures created with clay or plaster, hair can be molded and shaped into some incredibly stunning designs. 

With that idea in mind, six hand-selected Paul Mitchell National Educators from across the country were the first-ever Paul Mitchell Photo Shoot Group created, a team of budding editorialstylistswho are now well on their way to being tomorrow’s print editorial darlings.

As part of The Paul Mitchell Photo Shoot Group, the artists were sectioned into teams of two and were assigned the task of creating a collection that echoed the artistic properties of a well-known contemporary artist.

Armed with their choice and inspiration, they were then flown to Los Angeles for a three-day brainstorming and photo shoot prep and execution.

Thetrainingincluded a one on-one consultation with a professional beauty trade editor who revealed tips on shaping a vision, shooting with an editor’s preference in mind, and then tips on securing editorial placements for the collection.

The artists were coached through the dos and don’ts of model selection, communicating with makeup and wardrobe, and working synergistically with a photographer.

The artists then able executed their collection under the direction of Paul Mitchell Editorial Director Lucie Doughty, with all expenses paid by John Paul Mitchell Systems.

The first team of Paul Mitchell National Educators Carol DeLange Grandaw and Sunnie Brook Jones embraced the nature-influenced art of Andy Goldsworthy, a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist.

Goldsworthy creates sculpture and land art using natural and found objects that draw out the character of their environment.

“We wanted this collection to have an organic yet structured feel to it, just like Goldsworthy’s art,” says Jones.

To bring this to life, the team used hair pieces formed into fishbone braids, dreadlocks and spheres to express the textures and shapes seen in nature. The models’ filmy wardrobe and ethereal forest background setting further expressed this notion.

Hair: Paul Mitchell National Educators Carol DeLange Grandaw and Sunnie Brook Jones
Photography: Sean Armenta
Wardrobe: Adria Heath
Makeup: Kelsey Deenihan
Art Direction:Lucie Doughty

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