Water For Elephants Review

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I finally went to see this movie. I did not went to see it as soon as it came out as most review I read was not favorable. I disagree with the reviews.

The movie stars Reese Witherspoon as the lead circus performer and Robert Pattison as the circus veterinarian. He joined the circus after his parents died in a car accident and lost the house He came upon the circus train while he was walking aimlessly on the train tracks. She joined the circus after the circus she was working went belly up and she was hired by the circus owner as a performer.The movie is about a traveling circus  and set during the depression. As most business during the depression, a lot of circus companies go bankrupt. Their circus picks up whatever is left of these bankrupt circuses like talents and workers. But their circus company has it’s own financial problems until it acquired an elephant named Rosie.

The character played by Reese Witherspoon is married to the circus owner. The owner has psychological issues and mistreats the circus animals specially Rosie the elephant as well as the circus employers. He uses a “bull horn” to train Rosie the elephant and wanted to continue using a horse in the show with a limp. He throws out of the train employees just so he won’t pay them. He doesn’t care if these employees survive being thrown out and some of them do not survive. They just let them die on the rail road tracts.

Trouble for the main characters started when they fell in love. The husband being mentally stable went nuts.The lovers ran away but they were caught by the husbands assistants.

The employees finally rebelled against the owner. They released the circus animals during a performance creating chaos and causing the company to go belly up. The main characters married and raised a family.

The movie is shot beautifully. There are scenes that are so beautiful like a postcard, like a work of art you can hang on the wall and both Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattison acted well. Although the pacing of the movie is a little bit slow and most of the scenes are dark. Costume design is marvelous.

If you are into romance movies, Water For Elephants is worth seeing.

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