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Have you seen these ads: Local woman makes 5,000 a month!!! All from the privacy of her home!! ” I have made more part-time than I ever did working a 40+ hours a week job!” or Make $$ in real estate… millionaire shares the secrets of his success…. I used to believe that all I had to do was tune into an online lecture,or be my own boss & sell merchandise that I ‘ would get for next to nothing’ !!! Yeah right!

We all want to have financial security, but lets face it; not everyone is gonna win the lottery,or marry a secret millionaire, or make lots of money in a MLM or other tyrpe of “get rich NOW!” scheme.

That’s not to say that there aren’t real, not a scam jobs online that you can do. You won’t get rich quick. You may even think that you’re not making anything at all,but it adds up.
Lets say that you like to write,poetry, childrens stories, or even songs, there is a way for you to turn that talent into a small yet residual income. How? you may ask, let me tell you.

If you enjoy putting pen to paper so to speak, then you can write for a living.”What could I write about that anyone would want to read?” you wonder. Well you may be surprised. Let’s say that you are an avid gardener, you could write about your tips for keeping slugs off the roses or how to use mulch to your advantage. There are many people who share that hobby. You might just have a penchant for making up bedtime stories for you children. Hey you can write them down ,share them and make a little bit of money.
If writing isn’t really your thing,but you have a desire to help other people find things out,you can work for an online answer service. These sites are a wonderful way to get paid to surf the net and find the answer to a question from someone on the web!
Some of these sites require that you have a paypal account,others issue you a debit card from an online bank that they put your earnings on.
So instaed of looking for the next “get rich quick” or “this can’t fail” gimmick, before you shell out your hard eared money to someone else’s pocket try the sites which are LEGIT!


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