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You know, looking back on my life and all the diets I had been involved in, was a real waste of time.  My whole life until I hit my thirty’s, I was skinny (I like to call it mean and lean).  I never had to watch what I ate because I could eat anything, and as much as I wanted and not gain an ounce.  My wife used to say she gained five pounds just watching me eat. Boy…do I miss those days.  

I guess when I hit my early thirty’s is when it happened…weight gain, glasses, hair growing in my ears…geez, what happened?  I started to gain weight very rapidly, and the way I was used to eating was not helping me maintain my mean and lean physique.  Sooooo…I started dieting.  I did the Atkin’s diet, Southbeach diet, etc., etc.,etc.. I even got diet pills from my family doctor . Now I will say that all the methods I tried did enable me to lose weight, some more than others but I always gained it back over a period of time.

What was I doing wrong,  why did I gain back the weight and sometimes even more than when I started the diet. Well that was the million dollar question…WHY.  I started to not care anymore and convinced myself that this was the way it is.  I will be heavy for the rest of my life and thats all there is to it.  

Then one day I was talking to a new doctor, when I say new,  I mean a right out of med school new.  I was there for severe back pain I was having.  he had me undergo many tests and prescribed me a pain killer.  Then one day he said “Dennis, I am going to take you off medication if you don’t help yourself”.  What! I said…your the doctor, you are suppossed to help me.  During all my visits to him he had said, lose weight. I just kept saying, ok doc i will. Well this time I told him about all the diets I had been on and that I had finnally just gave up. He told me that the reason I was gaining weight back after all the dieting, was because I have not trained myself on how to eat through all those diets. Sure you will lose weight but this was not the way to do it. 

I asked what shall I do and he said to simply count calories and start trining myself on how much to eat and what to eat.  Now this does not mean starve yourself, but to start limiting your intake.  When you come off any diet plan you have to eat sensibly. You can’t go back to the way you used to eat and expect to keep the weight off.  Folks…this is the truth.  You have to stop your old habits of eating and learn to stop eating when you are full.

I have finally have lost the weight and have even managed to keep it off.  Here are some simple no cost ways off losing weight.

1)  See your doctor and find out how many calories you can eat per day to maintain a healthy weight.

2)  Stick to those calories. Everything you buy has calories listed on the label.

3)  Eat three meals a day…don’t skip meals.

4)  Do some mild exercising…just walking will do.  You don’t have to go crazy and join gyms or buy fancy equipment.

5)  If you fall off the wagon…get back on.  It’s ok to endulge every once in a while.

6)  Drink a full glass of water before your main meals.  You will be surprised how this lessons your apptite.

7)  Put your fork down after every bite you take.  Or at least every other bite.

There are many other little things you can do, so read up on it.  The internet is full of many simple ideas for you to try.  Only you can control this.  It’s your will power that will help you lose the weight.

Easy?  Yes it is and it won’t cost you anything to try, so why not give it a shot.  

Oh, by the way, I still have  glasses and have hair growing out of my ears.


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