Tips Fit by Cycling

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Enjoying the scenery in a relaxed and feel the breeze is refreshing recreation, physical health, and fresh our mind.

Cycling is also very beneficial for you to maintain weight and to stay fit. In cycling with duration of at least 1 hour, will burn about 300 to 700 calories. In addition, with bicycling we can increase our lung volume by 50 percent so it can hold more oxygen.

As for some things to note in cycling so that we can obtain the maximum benefit cycling is as follows:

First, check and recheck your bike. Make sure your bike is ready for use. Check the brakes, tire pressure, and other moving components. Immediately improve it if there were some problems. Although the bike is a very simple device, but routine maintenance is very necessary to be done.

Second, check your body condition. If you have very rarely do cycling events, it is better to check the condition of your body to the doctor and ask if there are specific medical reasons that need serious attention when you are cycling. If your body condition is good enough for cycling, it is likely the doctor will give spirit for you to continue cycling.

Third, pay attention to security and safety. Although the bicycle is a simple means of transportation, there is still a possibility of salvation by bicycle, as a tool that is always in contact with other users. Use accessories that are safe, comfortable, yet stylish, such as helmets, front and rear lights, reflectors, a sturdy lock and comfortable cycling clothing.

Fourth, cycling in a relatively safe place. For the beginners, this is useful to improve your confidence and solidify control of bike. Do the exercises as a quick look back, avoiding holes, shitting gear, stopped suddenly, etc. if you already feel more agile in here, you may continue on the highway.

Do not forget to obey the traffic rules on the highway. If you already feel quite able to ride on the highway, understand some basic rules of traffic to avoid the mistakes which can be fatal.

Last but no least, have fun. Cycling is fun, healthy, safe, and comfortable. With cycling you also have participated in the campaign in reducing global warming pollution. So, have fun in cycling.


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