Animals For Treatment

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Because as we all know that the chemical drugs that we consume during the day will turn damage our body if we use them constantly. While herbal medicine is better because it safer, herbal medicines have no side effects. Therefore let us start from ourselves, from now on we use herbal medicines for the treatment of our diseases, because faster is better. Do you agree with me?
Now I will explain some herbal prescription medicine new (old recipe, but the newly published)

– Meat geckos for skin disease

For those of you who have skin diseases, itching due to allergies and feel uncomfortable when you sweat and can not enjoy seafood cuisine. From now on you don’t need to worry because I will share a recipe of herbal medicine to treat your disease.

If you do not like the seeds of mahogany such as recipes that I gave in the recent post, you can try this one. Meat geckos have been known as one remedy for skin diseases that interfere. Simply cooked to taste and are consumed regularly, at least twice a week you will feel the difference after a minimum of one month of taking it.

If you do not quite fit with the flavor the meat, you can replace it with a softer iguana meat. Only the cook to taste, you will get good food at once efficacious for your skin disease. And remember that there are no side effects in it.

– Heart bats (bats) to treat your shortness of breath

There are several types of diseases shortness of breath very disturbing, namely: respiratory infection, to pneumonia. Having lung disease will restrict our movements. We can not freely do the things we want. And believe me, because I was among those who have problems in the lungs. I can’t do my favorite sports like badminton and football. However, after I consume regularly herbal medicine of this bat now I can more freely to exercise it.

You only need to take care of bats regularly cooked to your taste. And feel the benefits after about three months, by eating at least twice a week. To be more pronounced efficacy, you need to support it by exercise every day such as jogging or biking in the morning. (Sometimes complementary medicines are still needed for the disease that is severe enough)

– Meat squirrel to lighten your heart disease

One of the most deadly diseases in the world is heart disease. Heart attack is a disease that has always been a terror for the whole world community. But you do not need to worry; there are prescription herbal medicines that can help you to reduce the risk of death in people with heart disease.

Squirrel meat is believed from the first treatment for heart disease. Research conducted recently found that there are substances that can relieve the heart’s workload, so as to reduce the risk of death from heart attack. The taste of the meat is close to chicken that you are usually consuming.

– Tea extract worms to treat disease typhus

Worm is known as one of the disgusting animal on earth. But who would have thought that the worm is also useful for treating diseases typhus that makes you unable to eat and always vomiting. China as the country has long been a pioneer treatment using extracts of worms to treat typhus. You only need to boil drinking water with worms that are cooked for about 30 minutes. If you feel too disgusted, you can buy them in dried form in Chinese medicine shop near from your home. Brewed with the tea and add a little sugar. Experience usefulness after a week regularly consumes them.

Healthy lifestyle is the most potent prescription in order to prevent all forms of the disease so as not to get into our bodies. Prevention is better than cure. Try to always be diligent in exercising and eating healthy foods like vegetables and fruit, and drink milk. We may always be given health, so we can enjoy our lives fully.


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