Configure Local Area Network For Windows XP

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Local Area Network (LAN) is a common Computer network used by most in office and home computers.  It uses Network cable to connect each computer. There are two types of Local area Network, the peer to peer which is all computers connect directly to the hub to get an internet connection. The other one is server to client connection, which is all computers belong to the group connects to the main computers which is called server. The server is the master computer which has all the authorities in setting the security and files sharing.

This article will teach you on how to connect your computer in to a Local Area Connection direct to the hub or peer to peer connection. These step by step instructions will guide you on how to connect your computer with our using a server computer in Windows XP.


STEP1:  Install your networks adapter card and drivers

STEP2:  Go to Start > “Click on My Network Places”

 If “My Network Places” shortcut is not visible in the start menu, go to control panel, select “Network Connections”

STEP3: Click “Set up a Home or a Small Office Connection” on the “Network Task” found in the left pane of your configuration wizard.

STEP4: When the Network set-up Wizard Windows Open Click “Next”

STEP5: Make sure that you completed the checklist for creating a network and click “Next”

STEP6: Select the connection method.  Choose “This computer connects to internet through a residential gateway or through another computer on my network”

STEP7: Give this computer a description and Name: Enter the “Computer Name” and Description for Example my computer name was “John” and description “room” and click Next

STEP8: Input the Network or Workgroup name; use your existing network name if you already have, for example my network name was “JOHNSNETWORK” click next.

STEP9: “On file and Printer sharing” choose “Turn on file and printer sharing” so that you can easily access your files with the computers belongs to the Local Area Network group. The set-up wizard will automatically configure your firewall settings to allow the file and printing sharing.Click Next.

STEP10: Click “Next” again. Wait patiently while the Network Connection Wizard connects your computer into a network connection.

STEP11: Click the option “use the network setup disk I already have” and click Next.

STEP12: Click “Next” again and click “Finish”

STEP13: Restart your computer to make your new setting  take effect.

You can now use your Local Area Network connection. You can now share and browse your files and printer in all computers that belong to your group.


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