Bacterial Vaginosis Causes You Don't Know About

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Many women in today’s world get so hung up on medications and antibiotics that they fail to look for bacterial vaginosis causes. Toxins have been proven to bring about bacterial vaginosis. and your body is bombarded by them on a daily basis.

Eventually all this stress takes a negative toll on your body. When the environmental toxins start to add up in your system. they make your immune system weak and vulnerable to infections like bacterial vaginosis.

Toxins attack you from both the inside and outside. They are in the air you breathe and the food you eat. Doing something as simple as taking your clothes to a dry cleaner can expose you to unwanted toxins. Every time your body needs to spend time filtering out toxins. it is more vulnerable to infections such as bacterial vaginosis.

If you suffer from recurrent bacterial vaginosis you need to reduce the amount of toxins that you expose yourself too.

Do you know how toxins get into your system? There is a list of thing you should probably avoid.

This list is huge. but there are a couple things that you should avoid when trying to cut down on external toxins: auto fumes, fertilizers, air pollution, perfumes, cigarette smoke, and pollen can all build up in your system.

I understand that you can’t just lock yourself in a box and try to avoid the outside world! But if at all possible do things to minimize the amount of toxins you are exposed too. Use common sense. don’t go out to a bar and inhale smoke all night. try to avoid these things.

What are some internal toxins that can cause bacterial vaginosis?

Internal toxins? Think processed nasty food that we regularly consume. Many of these things are really horrible for us. These internal toxins include: Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, preservatives, sugars, additives, etc.

The best way to eliminate these bacterial vaginosis causes is to treat your body like a temple. Before you eat something. ask yourself if it’s something that is beneficial for you. Will the food your about to consume help you or hurt you in the long run?

So now that you’ve cut down on the toxins you consume and are exposed to. what do you do about the ones already in your system?

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You can use a plethora of natural foods to help your body flush out all of it’s toxins.

Fruits- Fiber is really important when you want to flush your body from toxins. Fortunately for you you can easily get a bunch of fiber by eating fruit. Not only does fruit have vitamins and minerals. but it also has fiber.

Using fruits as a cleansing agent for your body is probably a good idea. plus it tastes great!

High fiber grains and oats – Oats and seeds are super high in fiber. therefore they help you stay regular and maintain a healthy body. They are really effective in flushing toxins out of your body.

Leafy greens – Leafy greens contain a lot of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Greens are super good for flushing out your system. and they are super healthy. You generally want to eat darker greens such as spinach and dark lettuce. In general the darker the more nutrients the green contain.

When you change your lifestyle you eliminate many of the most common bacterial vaginosis causes. It’s not necessarily hard to do. but it definitely takes some lifestyle changes. When you finally do change the way you live. you’ll feel much better and you’ll allow your body to stave off bacterial vaginosis.


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