Modify Your Joomla Website

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Create own website is very desirable for many people. In the last post I had explained how to install Joomla on local server and mention a few tools you should know before modifying your Joomla website. Now it’s time you modify your Joomla website.

Some parts of Joomla the most frequently changed and modified by the the website makers are the template, add the modules and components.

1. Templates

Template is the earliest part of Joomla website that usually gets modification. To make your website look attractive and eye catching, you need to select the colorful and dynamic template. You can search for your favorite templates on the internet. There are so many websites that provide Joomla templates for free or paid. For beginners I recommend to use the free templates first. However, if you want the nicer and interesting template then you can buy a premium template.

2. Favicon

Favicon is the icon that appears next to your URL address on your web browser. Some of the templates, especially congenital Joomla template will display the default Joomla favicon. You certainly want to have a favicon that describes your website that will be your typical right? Do not worry because a lot of sites that provide a favicon generator that allow you to create your own favicon. All you have to prepare only the favicon image in JPEG or PNG if you want to display the favicon is transparent to the size of the square. (Ex: 100×100 pixels)

3. Modules

Modules is the most important part in modifying your Joomla website. Modules are components that can beautify the appearance of your Joomla website. Some popular modules that are usually installed in the Joomla website such as shoutbox, guest book, google translate, counters visitor, flash player, etc. To be able to get the modules that you can visit the official website on the extension, or another site that provides many Joomla modules.

4. Components

In addition to the display modules to beautify your Joomla, usually a web master will add several components to complement the function of tools in their Joomla website. That Components will allow you to add a few features in your Joomla website content with more complex features that allow you to explore your Joomla website content, add it to embed videos, photos, and audio, etc.

Those are some parts that you need to consider if you want to modify your Joomla website. For my next post will show how to modify the above in more detail. Hopefully useful.


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