Make a Website Based Cms Joomla Part 2

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For those of you who wish to have your own website without spending money to create a website through website development services are very expensive, so learn to create your own website with Joomla CMS is the solution. Creating a website with Joomla CMS you need not have background knowledge of programming. Everything has been prepared by joomla developer. You just have to follow the tutorial and steps are given by joomla or forum on the internet.

Before you start modifying your joomla website, you first need to know some parts of your joomla website. Type http://localhost/myweb/administrator on your web browser address field. Here are some parts that need to be considered in modifying your joomla website:

1. Article manager: is where all the website contents accommodated. You can view, create and edit your website content here.

2. Module manager: is where you adjust the layout of modules your joomla website.

3. Template manager: where you alter, delete, choose default template to display your joomla website.

4. Menus: where you set up your joomla menus, can be a main menu, top menu, resources and so forth.

5. Site configuration: where you set up your joomla site configuration of a web name, password, database, etc.

6. Components: you can see what components already exist in your joomla website here.

7. Extentions: can be used to set the medul, templates, install / uninstall modules and components.

Some parts mentioned above are just a handful of tools that you would have encountered in your joomla website. You can modify all of the above with added or even reduce and replace them with modules or components from third parties or provided by the joomla itself.

Modify joomla website content is very interesting. You can explore to your liking on your joomla website. No need to have knowledge of programming in this regard. Just need perseverance and diligent reading many tutorials available on the internet.

While thus only articles on joomla-based website creation for this edition. Hopefully this article can help. If there is trouble you can directly go to the forum joomla on

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