Drywall Patch And Repair Guideline's

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What are the standards for hiring a Portland drywall patch and repair contractor? There are hundred’s if not thousands of questions that you need to ask…

First, you will want to ask:  What’s your procedure in how you mix or blend the existing surfaces with the new? When you have an region that gets a whole lot of light shining across it, you will will need to skim the entire connected surface. The patched area will “flash” or be present soon after you paint it.

This applies to orange peel texture, a frequent type of sprayed finish in most areas of the US.  To prevent joint flash, the repairperson will texture the region on two seperate occasions, to build up the orange peel texture.

Next you will want to ask:  What are your main patching techniques? How do you patch drywall? Do you use chemically setting joint compound or regular joint compound? For example, if they don’t use “hot” mud (chemical set vs. air dry) they are going to need to make several trips to finish your drywall repairs. The price of the drywall patch will reflect the amount of trips and time put in by the drywall repair guy. To obtain the most effective cost feasible, you will want them to finsh the repair in the least amount of time or trips.

What exactly are your masking strategies? How are you planning to protect my furnishings or existing finishes? Some Portland drywall repair contractors need to includ extra time for masking.  Make sure you bring this up with them during the bid process.  That way there is no confusion regarding what you are paying for.  Remember, the drywall contractor needs to leave your home in the manner he found it, clean.

Last, but not least, ask the following:  Just how much time will the drywall patch take? For all small repairs, two or 3 holes  (from a number of inches by a couple of inches up to two or three square feet) it really should not take more than three hours. Most companies have a minimum charge ranging from $180 to $250 for this type of work. Do not overpay!

If you follow these strategies, you can come out on top. I have made all the mistakes in the book when it comes to hiring drywall contractors. All of this info listed above comes from my personal experience.  Learn from my mistakes! 


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