Google Experimenting With Redesigned Search Results Page [Screenshot]

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Google has begun testing a new design for its search engine results page, one that sports a new color scheme and a lot more white space.

A Google representative confirmed to us the company is conducting one of its user tests. As you can see from the screenshot below, the redesign results page incorporates a tweaked color scheme. The greens, purples and blues are not as harsh as the current set of colors used on

The bigger changes focus on separating and spacing out individual search results. There is simply a lot more white space around each search result and each link. Also, each search result is divided by a dashed line.

Combined, the changes are rather dramatic for a search engine used by millions of people daily. Google is gathering data on how people react to the new changes. Those numbers will determine whether or not these changes will move out of testing and become permanent.

This isn’t the only Google experiment to make headlines this month. On Monday, the tech giant began testing Voice Search integration on

Check out screenshot, and let us know what you think of the changes in the comments.


Google has begun testing an integration of voice search with the search engine.

Helpful tipster Matt Schlicht first spotted the feature earlier Monday afternoon. Voice search detects your computer’s microphone settings and can open up a “Speak now” widget to detect your words and transcribe them into a search query.

Android phone owners should be familiar with Google Voice Search; it’s available in the Google Search widget. Google Voice Search on Android even translates voice commands into actions. For example, “Directions to Empire State Building New York” will get you instant driving directions to Manhattan’s famous landmark.

Google has been working hard on improving the accuracy of its voice search product. It now recognizes Chinese and learns from your speech patterns. Perhaps now Google believes it’s accurate enough to begin testing with the general populace.

Right now, voice search seems to be in a limited testing period. We’ve reached out to Google for comment.

While searching by voice may be easier than typing in some cases, we don’t think you’re suddenly going to see an uptick in people shouting out their search queries. As our tipster pointed out on Twitter today, Google Voice Search “works surprisingly well but is very awkward to use in the office.”

What do you think of Google Voice Search? Should Google roll it out on its homepage?

Google Voice Search just got significantly more accurate. Now the free app will learn how each user talks over time, gradually building a customized voice model that enhances its recognition accuracy.

Available for two years, the iPhone and Android versions of Google Voice Search do a respectable job recognizing speech on mobile devices — it even recognizes Chinese — but it’s not perfect. Each person speaks with such different speed, volume and inflection, accuracy is a challenge, especially when using a single voice model for all speakers.

Google says this new version does a better job of solving that problem. According to the official Google Mobile Blog, “Although subtle, accuracy improvements begin fairly quickly and will build over time.” Voice Search accomplishes that feat by recording each word its user speaks, then matching that speech with words it correctly recognizes, gradually learning from its mistakes.

Google satisfies privacy concerns by making it easy to turn off this recording capability.


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