Bacterial Vaginosis Cause

You may never realize it but a super prevalent bacterial vaginosis cause is what you may come into contact with on a dialy basis. How about your detergent…or your toilet papaer… did you know that can cause bacterial vaginosis?

So. the best way to get rid of bacterial vaginosis is to change your habits at the grocery store and learn how to be nit picky. What do I mean by picky? When I say picky I mean you should be an informed consumer… If a product may harm you stay away… especially if it’s a bacterial vaginosis cause. If you happen upon something fishy. it’s your responsibility to stay away.

Therefore what kind of additives and poisons should you never use?

– Alcohol (Acts as a germicide in soaps)
– Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (Increases foam and lather)
– Articifcial Colors or Flavors
– Propylene Glycol (Stops your skin from drying out so much)
– Menthyl Benzethonium Chloride (Acts as a perfuming agent… smells good)

These ingredients are super common additive in most household cleaners, soaps, and detergent. Need more proof of the fact? Go to your bathroom and look at your toothpaste ingredients. I can almost guarantee that it contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

I learned that this was a prevalent ingredient in all toothpastes from my dental hygienist when I started busting out with an allergic reaction to it. It was pretty gross.. Whenever I brushed my teeth I had this strange film coat my mouth. I was dumbfounded… I did not know what was up.

In the end I was informed that I was having a reaction to the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. My mouth was filled with what felt like glue. Sound like bacterial vaginosis at all?

Regularly the most useful way of getting around these chemicals is to find products labeled ‘All Natural’ or ‘Green’. The only real problem with that is a lot of comapnies will just slap the label on… no one knows if they are telling the actual truth. Once again, it’s really up to you to figure out what is in the product you are buying.

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The great thing is that the market is changing what big companies are offering… the consumer is making their mark! The consumers are demanding additional green and organic products. And the companies are listening! You no longer have to go to a specialty store to get organic ingredients… the big companies are stocking them on their shelves.

If you are a firm beleiver that foreign chemicals and substance can be bacterial vaginosis causes you should also look for things that are labeled fragrance free. Most of the time these chemicals are being added because there is a consumer demand. Have you ever been allergic to a certain type of detergent? Do you ever feel dry after you shower? If so, your body has probably rejected the various chemicals and additives that you bombard it with.

Another fairly standard bacterial vaginosis cause like what kind of birth control you use. Don’t get me wrong… safe sex is mandatory… but…. try to stick to plain condoms. commonly condoms can cause your natural flora to go haywire. Try to avoid ones with spermicide on them cause thats a lot of chemicals.

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