What It Means To Be A Truly Reliable Business Partner

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I’m about as layed back as you’re going to get. Very few things rattle me. I get it from my Dad. I have to say there are days where little things frustrate me. After all I am human right?

Today I woke up, as they say, on the wrong side of the bed. My house was a mess for starters. My kids were less than cooperative in getting ready for school. I poured a bowl of cereal and then realized I was out of milk. I got in my car to see a nearly empty gas tank. When I finally fired up my computer I had an email from a client regarding a small production error on a huge order of custom hats; so now I’d need to take the time out of an already packed schedule to fix that. I’m pretty calm in situations like this and tend to laugh at life’s follies, but I have to admit this was one of those mornings when I asked “what did I do to deserve this?!”

Most everyone gets caught up in the day to day grind unless your job is that of a monk, or maybe a yoga teacher I guess. It’s quite easy to ignore everything incredibly great about your life and focus on the one or two obstacles you are facing at the moment.

Around lunch I received an email from Lance Hunter at Jones Stephens in Alabama. He sent me some photos from the tornado that has ravaged the State and ultimately did damage to their facilities and to some of the homes of their employees.

In Alabama, lives were lost, homes were completely erased, businesses destroyed or damaged and the community shocked by it all.

Yeah, my being out of milk didn’t quite seem as important anymore. I don’t know what it is about human beings. We so often require examples of disaster to realize how good we have it. It’s a feeling that rapidly flees as we once again become consumed by the day to day tasks that make up life.

I was appreciative Lance’s email and the images he was willing to share. I’m sharing them with you below as well.

With everything that had just happened, Jones Stephens was entirely focused on delivering for their customers and taking care of their community. Regardless of the storm they had just weathered, it would have been reasonable to ask customers to be patient and give them a break on the 99% fulfillment rate Jones Stephens commits to. It would have been reasonable to focus on the “we” or “us” of the moment.

Instead they remained committed to doing what Jones Stephens has come to be known for, making sure their customers and community are served.

Some companies talk a great game when it comes to having customers’ backs, being true partners and all the feel good stuff that makes for great marketing. For other companies like Jones Stephens it goes without saying. It’s simply built into the DNA of the company. When they say it, they mean it and they back it up time and time again.

In business, and life for that matter, we’re often only as good as the partners who surround us. If you are a wholesaler, distributor, contractor or end user and you’re looking for partners who can weather any storm with you, you’ll need to look no further than these guys: Jones Stephens.

Here’s wishing Jones Stephens and the entire State of Alabama a safe and rapid recovery as they face the daunting task of getting up off the canvas and coming back stronger than ever.

For everyone else I recommend using the time it takes to complain about the mundane and use it to support the Red Cross effort in the south to do what you can to help those who have permission to say they’re having a rough day.

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